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[VIP] CrazyKala [Create Beautiful Marketing Graphic, Banner & Ad In Sec]

CrazyKala [Create Beautiful Marketing Graphic, Banner & Ad In Sec]
CrazyKala - Create Beautiful Marketing Graphic, Banner & Ad In Sec

World’s Best Graphic Designing Suite which create sleek beautiful designs, stunning graphics, presentations and visually appealing images. Fully featured & Easiest drag drop graphic editor which creates professional designs and layouts within minutes.

Really Easy for Non Designer to come up with High Converting Infographics & Beautiful Designs within minutes and huge cost savings for lifetime.

It is regarded as one of the best and powerful online graphic editing suite that helps you create stunning looking and high-converting graphics, ads, banners, logos, business cards, flyers, eBook covers, social media covers and banners, T-shirt designs all within minutes. This is a web application that caters features/requirements that are wanted by millions bloggers and marketers for a long time. 

CrazyKala [Create Beautiful Marketing Graphic, Banner & Ad In Sec]

How Does CrazyKala Work?

It works in 3 simple steps...
Step 1 Select Template - Out of hundreds of templates in various category (i.e: Social media covers, banners, book covers, Ads layout, offline infographics, business cards and tee designs ) Select one you wish to edit.
Step 2 Edit Components - Select the component you wish to edit: Image, text, font, background, shapes as per your need. Apply filters or start with custom design Use your creativity to boost aesthetics of infographics.
Step 3 Publish - Publish your work to website/blog, social media or save it on cloud ( drive, drop box) or download to your system for future use.

Top Benefits Of CrazyKala :

☒ No more spending hours and hours finding the right image for your blog/website.
☒ No need to ever spend money buying expensive stock photos or graphics - find them FOR FREE from over 10 million lot.
☒ Never again you will have to hire, Virtual assistants, image editors or graphics guys to edit your images.
☒ No more working with the heavy desktop softwares or costly web applications which demand months of learning time.
☒ No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).
☒ No life-draining tech skills required - this is soooo simple & easy.
☒ Never you have to set Ads Banner size on photoshop or anywhere before working because we have given all size prebuilt inside crazykala.

Check What You Can Create With CrazyKala :

☑ Social Media - YouTube cover, Facebook cover, Facebook banner ads, Twitter cover, Google plus cover, Pinterest board cover & pins.
☑ Web Banners - Square Pop Up, Wide Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle, Vertical, Leader board, Full Banners.
☑ Book Cover - Wide Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle, Vertical, Leader board, Full Banners.
☑ Offline Business - Business Cards, Flyers etc.
☑ T-Shirt Design - Create a custom Tee Design using this software.
☑ Custom Size - Create a banner, flayers or anything.

Top Features Of CrazyKala :

Finds you 10 Million+ Royalty Free images from Multiple TOP SOURCES - Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It could sometime even take hours to pick the one that fits your site the best. Scouring 100s of websites is not a good idea (or the best use of your time) that's why we made it EXTREMELY SIMPLE - 1 click search that finds you over 10 million images right within seconds to use it as input to your creativity in crazykala canvas.

1-Click Crop, Resize, Rotate and Edit - You may hardly use the images you find online exactly in the same size on your content pages - you need to MAKE IT FIT. That's why we added a quick 1-click edit feature that makes it extremely simple for you to get the right size/shape of the image you want.

FULL Complete Image Editing Suite - The #1 feature that makes this plugin a must-have for every Website owner, the full featured click & drag editor lets you create, edit, re-touch, optimize and add effects to any number of images you want - just see our DEMO and you'll see how simple and extremely effective this is.

UNLIMITED LAYERS Support inside the Editor - Only very few online image editing program provide complex layering systems and that too with high prices. Never before has any other online image editing suite had the support for Unlimited LAYERS lets you do advanced editing tasks and create complex images super-fast. We're talking about Complete Image Editing & Design Suite here.

20+ Instagram like FILTERS - Instagram has taken social media by storm. Their strongest feature - Image Filters is now in your hands right inside your crazykala account. Now you can pick from any of the 20+ filters and make your images stand out from the rest in 1-click.

100+ Special Text Fonts for your Infographics - Fonts play vital role in presentation of content on infographics of online presence and websites. We have selected best 100 special eye popping fonts which enhance overall value of your designing look and engage customers in best way. Now you can apply a COMBINATION of 100+ effects to your images and create unlimited variety of graphics for yourself.

100+ Ready Made Tested High Converting Templates Of Different Categories Banners, Ads - You will have privilege to use the high converting tried and tested templates from each categories of banners and ads. youtube, facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, Website Banners, Side banner etc. You name it and template is prebu ilt and ready for you to edit and use in less than 5 minutes which save your precious time in adjusting canvas size as per particular banner/ad layout and using different layers to make it presentable.

Millions of Background Available - Use any color combination, texture, millions of Image using the integrations into biggest copyrighted free images. With such large collection of background, You will not have problem to find desired background for your masterpiece.

Thousands of Shapes in most popular niches - Design elements, arts, shape, swirls, retro, draw designs.

My Designs - Auto Save your all designs as templates for future use and references so that you don't have to invest time in making repetitive things. Make it once and use it unlimited times without investing much time later on. Definitely time saver and one of the most sorted features by every professional designer, graphic editor now days.

Zoom In/Zoom Out - Use Inbuilt zoom in/zoom out feature to shape up your art perfectly with close precisions and closer looks.

Simple, Powerful, Easy To Use Cloud Based Tool Which Helps You Create Professional High Converting Graphic For Your Marketing Needs In Less Than 2 Minutes With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

Drag & Drop Editor helps you create professional graphics with a few clicks of a mouse!

CrazyKala [Create Beautiful Marketing Graphic, Banner & Ad In Sec]

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[GIVEAWAY] Search Engine Scraper [Scrape unlimited results from Google and Bing]

Search Engine Scraper [Scrape unlimited results from Google and Bing]

Scrape Google and Bing for results for free and automatically check the DA and PA of each result.

What is Search Engine Scraper?
Search Engine Scraper is a 100% free and full (no trail etc) desktop application that allows you to scrape results from search engines such as Google and Bing. It will also allow you to check Moz DA and PA for each URL found if you enter a free Moz API key and can search an unlimited amount of keywords. You can also export all URL's that search engine scraper finds.

Why should I use Search Engine Scraper?
Copying URL's for each keyword's search results is a massively tedious task, especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of search queries you want to grab the ranking websites for. Then add the time to check Moz stats if needed and this may take weeks. Search Engine Scraper can do this in minutes.

How does Search Engine Scraper work?
Search Engine Scraper simply sends HTTP requests to Google and Bing just as your browser normally would then automatically parses the response and extracts the URL's that are returned for your search keyword / query.

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[GIVEAWAY] Expired Web 2.0 Ranker [Scraping from Google and Bing]

Expired Web 2.0 Ranker [Scraping from Google and Bing]
Expired web 2.0 ranker is a simple tool that allows you to find expired web 2.0 properties by scraping web 2.0's from Google and Bing. These web 2.0's can be tumblr, weebly. blogspot, wordpress and the software even allows you to add your own web 2.0s to scrape for. The software also supports proxies allowing blazing fast results. All search engine scrapes can be niche related or go by a list of keywords that you provide.

Web 2.0's are a great source of link juice that will give you the boost you need to rank highly for your target keywords. These powerful backlinks allow you to create a network of strong safe backlinks for free. Please note, although some people rank using expired web 2.0s and nothing else, I wouldn't recommend this. Please build a varied and balanced backlink profile for best results. Also all web 2.0 should have hand written good content on for best results. Do not use spun content or they may not be indexed.

For best results use private proxies. Google scrapes are very slow due to the site operator having to be used, so you may want to disable the use Google option and use Bing unless you have 100+ proxies. Many people think that Google is a superior search engine for finding web 2.0s, due to their huge index size however they don't realize that because Bing crawls less often just as many if not more expired web 2.0s are likely to be found. Plus you can scrape Bing more without an IP ban.

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[GIVEAWAY] TrafficPhire [Send your content to thousands of lazer targeted people per day]

[GIVEAWAY] TrafficPhire [Send your content to thousands of lazer targeted people per day]
TrafficPhire - Automate Your Outreach With My Free Contact Form Submission Software

As SEO is shifting more towards content marketing than just manually building links having the ability to automatically market your content with laser targeted precision while on autopilot can change your business. TrafficPhire uses the Twitter API to for people in your niche then populates and submits thir websites contact form.

What is a TrafficPhire?
TrafficPhire allows you to automate a large part of your outreach. If you want to promote your website or new content to other webmasters/businsess it can be very time consuming filling out contact forms. TrafficPhire listens for users on twitter (based on what they tweet) and fills out their website contact form with your custom message if its thinks they'll be interested in your product or service.

How does TrafficPhire?
TrafficPhire works by using the Twitter Streaming API and listening for a set of keyords you specify to decide if the user making a tweet is interested in your product or service. For example if you offer a Wordpress service you would set Wordpress as your keyword (you can have many) then when anyone who tweets about wordpress is found by PhireTraffic it will check their bio for a link to their website then follow the link and populate their websites contact form with your message regarding your service.

Why use TrafficPhire?
TrafficPhire can find you lazer targetted niche related websites and contact them on auto pilot 24/7. TrafficPhire is capable of sending thousands of messages per day and generating you massive amounts of traffic. Oh yeah, also...its 100% FULL and FREE.

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[GIVEAWAY] WordPhire [Comment On Hundreds Of Blogs Automatically With Valued Comments]

WordPhire [Comment On Hundreds Of Blogs Automatically With Valued Comments]

WordPhire - Automated commenting that people love!

WordPhire is what I call an experiment in ethical spamming! WordPhire uses the Twitter API to find people in your niche then builds highly customized comments of value to automatically post on their Wordpress blogs.

What is a WordPhire?
WordPhire is an experiment I've written to see if we can automatically add comments to wordpress websites that actually add value to the website and will genuinely help out the website owner.

How does WordPhire work?
WordPhire works by using the Twitter streaming API to listen out for people/accounts that are tweeting about your niche. Once it finds a tweet about your niche it will check the users profile bio to see if there is a link to their website. If there is a link in the bio it will follow it to the website where it it will get their latest wordpress post and analyze the page to extract a whole range of different information about the website so you can automatically construct a commenting that actually offers value. See the comment below for an example.

Hi Jamie,
I saw you tweeting about funny cats and I'd thought I'd come back out your website. Its cool I like it, the "Digital Blue" theme you've got is really nice, Roboto is one of my favourite Google fonts.
Nice job on the social buttons people would love to share your stuff.
I see you're not building a mailing list, you should do this, people would love to know when you publish more stuff! 
Another little hint, get Google analytics installed its great! :-) Anyways keep aming great stuff Jamie!

Thats just a quick little sample of the power of WordPhire, you wouldn't think thats auto generated would you? Also because you can search for custom HTML you're not restrcited in the value of the comment you can post either. If you know of a bad plugin that is getting everyone hacked you can add a check for it and warn the website owner.

Why should I use WordPhire?
Because these comments will stick and you can post thousands per day, just imagine what that will do for your website traffic and brand awareness.

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[GIVEAWAY] Expired Domain Finder [Find unlimited expired domains for free]

Expired Domain Finder [Find unlimited expired domains for free]
Give yourself a head start on your money webiste or find awesome domains to build a PBN with expired domain finder. No more paying for expensive expired domains at auction. Search by niche or just leave running forever.

What is Expired Domain Finder?
Expired Domain Finder is a 100% free and full (no trail) desktop application that allows users to find expired domains for free. For those of you who don't know expired domains are simply domains that were registered but are now expired as they have not been renewed by the owner. This can happen for many reasons, the person has lost interest in the project, the company has gone bust, the company has rebranded and many more reasons. So what would one use these domains for? Their backlink profile, its no secret the more backlinks a website has the higher it appears in Google. Once you find an expired domain with a strong backlink profile you then have two choices. Firstly you can use it as a money website, by money website we mean a website that you will use to generate a profit from, this will be your main website. Or you can use it to build a prive blog network. A private blog network is simply a network of websites that you own that all link to your main websites (your money website) with the intention of making it rank higher by linking to it.

How does Expired Domain Ranker work?
Expired Domain Ranker has three methods of finding expired domains.

Crawl a list of websites for expired domains

If you have a list of websites that are highly niche related then you may enter this list and this free software will crawl all the pages on each website entered looking for external links and checking if each externally linked website has expired.

Crawl search results by niche related keywords for expired domains

Enter a list of niche related keywords and Expired Domain Finder will search Google for all these niche related keywords and crawl every page on every website returned for every niche related keyword. Helping you find niche related domains.

Endless crawl for expired domains

If niche related domains are of no interest to you then simply enter a small list of seed websites (can be random) and the software will follow all external links checking for expired domains and each new domain that is found is added to the list to crawl giving you an endless crawl searching for expired domains.

Once an expired domain is found if you have entered your Moz API key (its free and highly recommended) the domains DA and PA is automatically fetched and diplayed in the results. So simply enter your settings and leave it running over night and come back to a list of high DA expired domains.

Why should I use Expired Domain Ranker?
SEO is not as easy as it used to be. The market is very saturated now, content is now incredibly easy to generate and publish. Everyone and his dog (or gran!) can make a wordpress website. The main ranking factor for Google is still backlinks and will be for the foreseeable future. Your content might be better than your competitors but if they have more links they'll simply always outrank you and receive more traffic. Fair or not, its a fact. This method can see you get the strong backlink profile you need to rank #1. Please note a PBN is considered black hat so please diversify your backlink profile and do your research first.

How does Expired Domain Ranker work?
Once a crawl of a website has started all pages will be checked for external links. The domains are stripped out of these external links and checked to see if they have expired.

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[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Feast [Free UNLIMITED long tail keyword generator]

Keyword Feast [Free UNLIMITED long tail keyword generator]
Keyword Feast - Find unlimited new keywords powered by the Google autocomplete system

Keyword Feast uses the Google suggestion API to generate thousands of long tail keywords for your niche, some of which will have zero competition. It can even alert you of new search trends in your niche so you can be the first to dominate a search term.

What is a Keyword Feast?
Keyword Feast will generate near unlimited amounts of new keywords for you to tune your SEO efforts around. You'll have more long tails than you'll know what to do with, and a much greater understanding of what your website visitors are actually searching for. It will also alert you of any new trends that people are searching for in your niche by comparing different sets of suggestion results from Google.

How Keyword Feast works
Keyword Feast workds by taking your seed list of keywords and pulling all the suggested autocompletion results from the Google suggest feature. You know the one where you type in "funny videos of a" and you'll get a list like the below appear.

✓ apes
✓ apples
✓ africans
✓ attacks

And so on. You can set many features such as the suggestion depth. 1-3 resulting in all a-z or aaa-zzz being used to generate keywords from suggestions and if you really want a keyword overdose you can set keyword feast to generate keywords from the suggestions Google brings back. This is explained in the video below but it will basically get you thousands for most niches.

Why should I use Keyword Feast?
Sometimes when you're breaking into a niche its best to go for the long tail search queries and this tool can generate thousands of them for you. Also if you're already in the SERPs for a good keyword but you want more traffic then sprinkle some of these long tails into your content and watch your traffic shoot up! Also the trend alert feature will allow you to find brand new keywords that have JUST entered your niche, where there is literally no competition for yet :-)

Known issues
If you're planning on bringing back over 5000 keywords please bump up the delay between calls to Google to 1000 in the settings, so they don't block your IP address for making to many API queries to quickly.

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[VIP] FlexSocial [Manage & Mass Automate All Social Media Tasks]

FlexSocial [Manage & Mass Automate All Social Media Tasks]

World's First “Intelligent” App That Automates All Your Social Media Accounts On Total Handsoff"
Sitback, Relax and Start Generating More Leads, Sales and Profits

Flex Social is a brand new product that allows you to manage and mass automate all social media tasks in one dashboard. It can also help you save time, increase traffic, spend less time and money, gain quality time to expand your business.

What Is FlexSocial?

There is no doubt that social media is a massive opportunity for marketers to get tons of targeted traffic, leads, and making sales.

Many big brand such as Apple, Business Insider, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Carlsberg, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Virgin Atlantic, Toyota make sure maximum brand exposure, reach and profit by being on being all over every social media platform.

So if you want this massive opportunity to build a targeted following, get traffic, and make sales, you need to build and develop your brand on every social media platform.

With the powerful features inside a new product called FlexSocial, you will be able to do just that.

Flex Social is a smart social media automation and marketing suite that can help you manage six popular social media platform in just one place, and deploy posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn at the same time.

Schedule all your social media posts in one place, Get More Done, SAVE TIME, Increase Traffic, Spend less time and money, and Gain Quality Time to do What you Want Using FlexSocial—Most Complete Social Media Automation Suite.

Special Features of FlexSocial:

☑ Auto post to all 6 social media platforms within few clicks
☑ Automate bulk schedule posts for months instantly (For All 6 )
☑ Send an automatic message to anyone who comments on your page
☑ Copyright free Image Finder
☑ Built-in, stunning image editor to design posts & ads graphics
☑ Grow your social pages on complete autopilot
☑ Save time. Save effort. Get better results
☑ Elite training – How to gain 25k fans & followers in any niche
☑ Complete step-by-step video training and tutorials
☑ Schedule post to all 6 social media platforms within few clicks
☑ 100% hands-free scheduling in the cloud
☑ Send an automatic PM reply to anyone who messages on your page
access millions of HD images copyright free in any niche
☑ Get unlimited 100% real, targeted leads, fans & followers
☑ Flex Social analytics
☑ Entry to 6 fig. social media marketing VIP mastermind group
☑ Newbie friendly & fully cloud-based software


☑ Manage ALL Your Facebook pages all from ONE dashboard
☑ Instantly Posts Content to Fan pages – Text, Images, Links and Videos!
☑ Post to Multiple Pages in 1 Click – Select Pages & Hit Post Now
☑ Automate BULK SCHEDULE posts for months Instantly
☑ Send an Automatic Message to Anyone Who Comments on Your Page
☑ Send an Automatic PM Reply to Anyone Who Message on Your Page
☑ Manage & SCHEDULE Post On Personal Timeline
☑ Post On Any EVENTS
☑ Upload Videos to post On Multiple Pages, Timeline
☑ Drive Traffic to your new Offers via Auto Post Campaign
☑ Grow Your Social Pages on Complete AUTOPILOT
☑ Get Unlimited 100% REAL, Targeted Fans, Leads & Fresh Traffic


☑ Instantly Post Any Image to Your Instagram Account
☑ Schedule Unlimited Instagram Image Post In Few Clicks
☑ Instantly Post Any Video to Your Instagram Account
☑ Schedule Unlimited Instagram Video Post In Few Clicks
☑ Schedule Instagram Post for months to come instantly and automate the Engagement to grow your Instagram account.
☑ 3 Steps: Upload => Set Date & Time => Schedule


☑ Create boards with creative ideas to promote your brand on
☑ Saw something good online which gave you productive ideas?
☑ No need to juggle between other social media, browsers, phones & Pinterest.
☑ Simply copy-paste it in Flex Social – It will be automatically reflected in your Pinterest account for consideration
☑ 3 Steps: Click on Pinterest tab in left panel => Enter board details => Click on create button


☑ Instantly update Twitter status to your Twitter account
☑ Schedule unlimited Twitter status updates in few clicks
☑ Instantly post any image to your Twitter account
☑ Schedule unlimited Twitter video post in few clicks
☑ Instantly post any image to your Twitter account
☑ Schedule unlimited Twitter image post in few clicks
☑ Schedule Twitter post for months to come instantly and automate the engagement to grow your Twitter account.
☑ 3 Steps: Upload => Set date & time => Schedule


☑ Update LinkedIn status instantly
☑ Share new LinkedIn post to boost your followers
☑ Enter title, link, description & your message
☑ Browse the image or find one from Image Finder, edit it in In-built Editor to come up with best LinkedIn post to help you increase exposure and your followers on LinkedIn


☑ Connect your Tumblr account
☑ Post Instantly or Schedule It for Best Date In Future
☑ Manage All Your Blog Post from Flex Social Centralised System In Few Clicks


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