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[VIP] VideoPal Platinum [Agency and Deluxe License]

VideoPal Platinum [Agency and Deluxe License]
New Revolutionary Software Platform To Boost Leads, Sales and Profits - Guaranteed!
Create Fully Interactive 3D, 2D and Human Talking Video Avatars In Seconds With Our Futuristic Award Winning Technology...

☑ Instantly Convert Your Websites, Blogs and Affiliate Pages Into Automated Sales Machines In Seconds.
☑ Don't Have a Website? Leverage Content On Other Sites To Profit!
☑ Net More Sales and Triple Your Profits Without A Product, List or Technical Experience!
☑ Cloud-Based, Easy-To-Use App – Runs On Any Platform/Browser, Including All Mobile Devices!

VideoPal is a breakthrough never-seen-before technology that can create "talking" 2D, 3D, and Human video avatars with unlimited video hosting. You can get your video avatars to talk in any of the 24 languages and instantly convert your text into life-like voice using our State of the art Text-To-Speech engine. There is a lot more, check out the amazing features below...

VideoPal helps you connect and interact with site visitors in ways that pop-ups, widgets and other web conversion tools simply can't.

It allows you to reach out to your visitors and get their attention.

Then, it helps them to take a certain desired action like get on your list, click a buy button, and more!

With its cutting-edge digital animation, video and our revolutionary dynamic life-like text-to-speech technology that's incredibly easy to use, anyone can create a custom avatar that fits your personality and/or brand identity!

Choose from a wide selection of male or female avatars (live, 2D and 3D-animated) as well as 47 different voices, accents and over 24 languages (additional options are available)!

You can even use your own video and/or voice-overs to create your avatars! (Watch the demo below!)

This versatility gives you the power to custom-create an avatar that will connect with your sites' audiences!

With VideoPal, you can:

☑ Get more visitors to stay on your site longer, so you can engage with them longer!
☑ Convey any message you want to any visitor, regardless of how they're visiting your site – desktop or mobile!
☑ Offer coupons, bonuses and other incentives to get visitors on your list or to make a purchase!
☑ Get new subscribers added to your lists seamlessly and automatically or by pasting some simple code (with more native autoresponder support coming soon!)
☑ Leverage viral content on sites that you don't even own to your advantage – use it to get more subscribers and/or traffic to your site!
☑ And whole lot more!

No Matter How You're Trying To Build Your Business Or Make More Money Online, VideoPal Can Help!

It's a dynamic, powerful web-based SAAS (software as a service) app that
will have you creating your own custom video avatars for any website
within minutes – with no additional software needed!

Until now, creating video avatars like the ones that many major marketing
sites use was difficult and expensive.

You had to hire actors and/or animators, voice-over people, copywriters,
developers and video editors to make it happen, or pay for
expensive apps to pull it off.

VideoPal Eliminates All The Expense and Hassle...

Since VideoPal handles all the video creation and renders your avatars on the fly, you don't need pricey video creation software or an expensive video editor.

VideoPal's built-in library of actors and actresses for your live human avatars spares you having to find and hire them yourself – thus saving insane amounts of time and money.

Want to be your own avatar or hire your own actor/actress? NO problem, you still can with VideoPal!

VideoPal has an existing library of ready-made scripts for most standard functions like getting subscribers, offering discounts/incentives and more!

So there's no need to hire copywriters for your scripts for most standard marketing objectives, unless you want to.

Have an original script that you want to use? You can upload it quickly and easily with just a few clicks. VideoPal does the rest!

VideoPal's revolutionary life-like text-to-speech technology allows you to generate clean, smooth, and well-spoken speech from any text script in 24 languages and with over 47 voices (male and female) and even various English accents!

This eliminates the need to hire expensive voice-overs, while giving you tremendous flexibility for geo-specific marketing!

Have your own video or voice-over track that you want to use instead of text-to-speech?

Simply upload it to VideoPal and it will create your avatar for you!

You can even record your voice-overs directly with VideoPal on the fly!

VideoPal's easy interface requires no technical experience or special skills.
Just copy and paste the code snippet generated by the app into your website and you're done.

No need to hire expensive programmers or developers, EVER.

Nothing To Download, Install Or Update. Ever.

Our team of dedicated developers are continuously updating the app - seamlessly
and behind the scenes!

This ensures VideoPal will always be current with the constant changes and updates
by various browsers and mobile device platforms, no matter what happens.

We will also continuously add new features and functionality based
on the feedback of our users!

Here’s just a peek at all you get:

☑ Professional Human Avatars:
these actors and actresses have proven audience appeal, and have proven to increase conversion rates. Choose from pre-selected male and female actors to be your avatar. Use them to engage with your audience and entice them with offers, and more!

☑ Life-Like 3D Animated Avatars:
There are incredibly human-like (male and female) avatars that you can use to convey your message to your visitors in an eye-catching way! Characters like these can easily cost up to $2000 to create and render for just one minute’s worth video playback. But with VideoPal, you can utilize these 3D avatars with no limits or restrictions!

☑ Stunning 2D Animated Avatars:
These characters are vector-based animated characters that you can use to engage your visitors. Animated characters like these can cost as much as $500 to create for just one minute of video playback time. But with VideoPal, you can utilize these 2D avatars with no limits or restrictions!

☑ State-of-the-art, life-like text-to-speech technology, built right in:
Our proprietary text-to-speech engine has the latest technology (developed by us), there is simply nothing like it on the market!

☑ Easy script and voice management:
You can easily record your own voice and upload any voice/video track! Also customize your scripts, or use one of our pre-written scripts with the voice and customizations that you choose. You have a wide variety of options, a selection of over 47 male and female voices, and 24 different languages – with automatic language translation!

☑ A powerful array of conversion tools to add to your VideoPal avatars:
These include customizable call-to-action buttons, easy opt-in tools that interface directly with Aweber, Getresponse, and any other autoresponder (with more native support being added in the future!), coupon codes and more!

☑ Lifetime cloud hosting for your avatars using Google’s high-performance cloud network!

☑ And much, much more!


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[GIVEAWAY] PPL Army [World's Largest Pay-Per-Lead Community]

[GIVEAWAY] PPL Army [World's Largest Pay-Per-Lead Community]
[GIVEAWAY] PPL Army [World's Largest Pay-Per-Lead Community]

PPL Empire, The Definitive Pay-Per-Lead Training Course.
What is widely considered the definitive PPL training, & clocking in at over 60 training videos and guides, PPL Empire was the Pay-Per-Lead communities largest & most successful launch with over 2000 copies sold (and counting)! When you join the PPL Army membership you get access to the full course ...100% FREE! 

Personal Mentorship From Million Dollar Pay-Per-Leaders
The PPL Army is founded and run by some of the most successful Pay Per Leaders in the world. When you join the PPL Army, you'll get direct access to dozens of PPL experts that earn $10,000, $25,000, even $100,000 or more every month! 

Exclusive Weekly Webinars. Pure Value, No Pitch... No BS.
As a soldier in the PPL Army, you'll get weekly exclusive invitations to live, PPL Army Only webinars, as well as access to our huge archive of past webinars featuring some of the best online marketing & pay-per-lead experts today. 

Advanced Over The Shoulder Trainings & Guides. 
In the PPL Army, we don't just teach, we're actively building our own Pay-Per-Lead businesses, and we want you to follow along LIVE as we do - in our exclusive, "Over The Shoulder" (OTS) video training series.

Industry Leading Search Engine Optimization Training
Joining the PPL Army means you'll learn & perfect every one of the techniques we leverage to drive an insane amount of leads - not the least of which is SEO. Inside the PPL Army you'll learn SEO from some of the most well established and recognized SEO's today.

Instant Access to The PPL Marketplace 
One of the greatest advantages to the PPL Army is our size. With over 500 members you'll always be able to crowdsource your needs within (what we call) The PPL Marketplace. Whether you need someone to help you drive leads, secure partnerships, design, development, or whatever you may need - The PPL Marketplace is a space where you'll create amazingly profitable partnerships for years to come! 

Elite Level Sales Training & Partner Getting Techniques 
In Pay-Per-Lead, nothing happens without a partner to sell the lead to. When you become a PPL Army member, you'll have instant access to over 20 hours of tried and tested sales strategies and techniques that virtually guarantee you'll secure your PPL partners right away!

100% FREE Access To "Facebook Ads Crash Course" 
In the PPL Army, we know what works to drive leads and make passive & massive monthly incomes, and among our favorites is Facebook Ads.When you join the PPL Army, you'll get immediate access to "FB Ads Crash Course" - the definitive Facebook advertising course. 

The Lead Multiplier Theme
The real secret to MASSIVE PPL Success, and the reason why every one of our leads are worth 3X to 5x the value of any regular lead... is The Lead Multiplier Theme. Exclusive to, and included with your PPL Army membership, the Lead Multiplier Theme (LMT) is a WordPress theme built by and for Pay-Per-Leaders and when installed on your site, will instantly multiply the value of your lead by 3X to 5X! 

In Total, You're Getting Over $22,145 In Real World Value... 


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[VIP] Tube Hammer [Auto Video Commenter]

Tube Hammer [Auto Video Commenter]
Crush YouTube Comments with Tube Hammer! 100% Cloud Based YouTube Comment Automator & Scheduler

Tube Hammer is a YouTube comment automation and scheduling software.
It's designed to give your social influence a boost Which in turn brings you more traffic and sales instantly from the world's second largest traffic source: YouTube.

Keep reading and I'll share how you can get your hands on Tube Hammer for a ridiculously low monthly investment. And get instant access to our cloud hosted software. Immediately after taking action.

Tube Hammer [Auto Video Commenter]

Tube Hammer makes YouTube commenting easier, more effective, and 10 times more profitable.

Everything you need to be successful with YouTube commenting is included and everything is securely hosted in the cloud... We've done the hard work for you!

So can focus on profiting from the tools and training we're providing for you. Nothing is left unturned and when you attend our LIVE webinar Thursday, March 23rd at 7PM EST you'll see exactly how we're managing multiple accounts with Tube Hammer for maximum profits.
Everything you need to get started is in our Quick Start guide and members only resources. So don't hesitate even if you have zero experience you'll be able to learn quickly!

How Tube Hammer works?

1) Find active customers looking for solutions.
2) Give them exactly what they are looking for.
3) Profit from the floods of immediate traffic!

Tube Hammer is a cloud-based software that helps you with Youtube commenting. The cool thing with this, is that you don’t need to mess around with proxies.

As you might already know, commenting on high authority Youtube channels can boost your channel too.

So having this tool can be handy when you know how to use it properly.

A little bit of tips though.. Never comment more than 8 times a day. Just to be on the safe side. Or else you will receive a warning from Youtube.

Tube Hammer [Auto Video Commenter]

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The Easy Way To Add Cool Reminders, Site News & Updates, Special Offers, Recommendations To Your Website Or Blog In Just A Few Clicks...

☑ Nothing To Download/Install, Just Login and Create.
☑ Works On Regular HTML Pages & WordPress Blogs.
☑ Works In All Web Browsers Plsu Mobile & Tablet.
☑ Add Memos To 3rd-Party Sites With Smart Overlays

The Super Easy Way To Share A Message, Boost Conversions & Increase Clicks!
MemoChimp Is Fun, Fast And EASY!..  Create Your Account Now And Add A Memo To Your Site In Just 2 Minutes...

Unlimited Use
Nothing to download and no tricky installs, just create your account and get started in the next few minutes.  Plus you get access to a complete toolbox of conversion & traffic boosting software!
Super-Easy To Use
Creating memos for your web pages, blog pages & posts is a breeze.  Just login to your admin pannel, click a few buttons to customize your memo and copy a code snippet into your site. 
Add Memos Anywhere
MemoChimp works on regular HTML pages and WordPress blogs, they're visible in any web browser including mobile and tablet - You can even stick a memo on someone else's site like this.


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[VIP] Re-Engager [MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds] [+BONUS]

[VIP] Re-Engager [MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds]

Need More Traffic, Leads, or Sales?
New Software Uses A SNEAKY Psychological Tactic That MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds
Re-engager is the best eye-popping WP-plugin that will force visitors to come back to your website by activating the inactive browser tab by showing a custom message and notification. This plugin has been developed from the ground up which gives you many advantages.It creates unlimited Re-engager campaigns, Embed independent campaigns on any page/post, Easy embed campaigns through shortcodes, Upload favicons per campaign Overwrite campaigns by site wide settings, and much more. This product does not matter re-connecting with your audiences and exactly crucial in your business. It will increase your sales with 3 simple techniques that’ll surely grow your business. 
Re-engager let’s you:

✓ Create your own popups
✓ Create unlimited Re-engager campaigns
✓ Grab user’s attention with a message of your chosing
✓ Tell your message with an image
✓ Add your auto-responder into the popup!
✓ Show and hide elements with a simple shortcode!

[VIP] Re-Engager [MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds]
Re-Engager is an easy-to-use Wordpress plug-in that you can get setup with just a few clicks of your mouse. It's fast, easy, and you don't need any prior experience to start getting results fast. 

There are very few software tools that will make you more money by simply setting them up... 

...Re-Engager is one of those tools that's newbie-friendly and will quickly pay for itself (and then some) very quickly. Everything is FULLY customizable, so you can make it work for YOUR online business... 

The bottom line is this... if you have a website, you NEED Re-Engager to get the most out of your traffic. 

Although Re-Engager is 'point and click' easy, we're including step-by-step video training so you can get the most out of Re-Engager and be up-and-running within minutes. 

The over-the-shoulder video training shows you EVERYTHING you can do with the RE-Engager software and guarantees you get setup right the first time. 

Re-Engager [MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds]

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