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[VIP] Advance Web Email Extractor Professional [Bing, Google, Askcom, Yahoo, AltaVista etc]

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional [Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista etc]

(Advance/Web email extractor extracts Emails From internet)

Advance Web Email Extractor is the fastest tool for extracts email addresses from internet through most popular search engines such as (Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista etc). Web Email Extractor also extracts email addresses from a list of websites/URLs.Web Email Extractor has unique feature of updating search engines online free, which enables the Web Email Extractor to gives you best possible result. It can extracts thousands of emails in quick time. User can add list of url to the product to extract email from them.

Advance Web Email Extractor also supports filter, which gives you a list of emails only those you required not all available on the internet. Web Email Extractor has the feature for restrict the URLs those you don't want to scan or allows only URLs those you want to scan.Extracted email addresses can be saved in .CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .TXT (Notepad) file.

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional also known as Fast Emails Extractor, Web Email Spider, Web Emails Harvester, Emails Finder Internet.

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional [Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista etc]

How it Works
How to extract emails from Website :

1. Enter website URL and press Add to URL List.
2. You can add as many URL as you want.
3. Select Levels to fetch URL Links inside webpages.
4. Select Same Domain if you wish to extract only from native website.
5. Select Outside Domain to extract from every links.
6. Press Start Extracting Emails.
7. Save Emails in Text or CSV File.

How to extract emails from Search Engines:

1. Enter Keywords and add to Keywords List.
2. You can add as many keywords as you want.
3. Select Levels to fetch URL Links inside webpages.
4. Select Same Domain if you wish to extract only from native website.
5. Select Outside Domain to extract from every links.
6. Select Search Engines from Search Engine List.
7. Press Start Extracting Emails.
8. Save Extracted Emails in Text or CSV File.

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional [Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista etc]

Key Points:

Extracts all email addresses from internet according to your keywords for search engnes.
Extracts all email addresses from internet through popular search engnes such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Excite, Lycos etc.
It can extract email addreses from a list various URLs/websites.
Search engines can be updated online for free for best result obtain.
It is the FASTEST email extractor available on internet.
It allows you to add configuration for scanning the urls so that you can the result very quick.
It can FILTER extracted emails sothat you get a list of emails only those you really need not all emails.
Extracted emails can be saved .CSV and text files.
It is the best tool for extracting emails from websites.

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional [Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista etc]

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[GIVEAWAY] IOTransfer Pro [Transfer Your Files Across Devices]

IOTransfer Pro - Transfer Your Files Across Devices

Your iPhone/iPad manager and free iPhone transfer software for Windows
Transfer/sync contents between iPhone/iPad/iPod and backup to PC
Easy and free to manage/transfer/delete photos, music, videos, apps

IOTransfer Pro [Transfer Your Files Across Devices]

Transfer apps, photos, music, videos, podcasts and ebooks to and from your iOS device, with this useful and intuitive application

If you own an iPhone, you probably know how difficult it is to transfer files between your device and a Windows PC. While Apple does provide you with software and a cloud service to help you out, many wish they had a simpler way to copy files to and from their iOS devices.

IOTransfer is an easy-to-use application that seeks to provide a solution. It enables you to transfer apps, photos, music, videos, podcasts and ebooks easily, without having to synchronize all your data or upload files online.

Sleek, modern interface that features a minimalistic UI

If you like applications that keep things simple, IOTransfer’s visual design should be to your liking. There are no unnecessary interface elements, and its layout is clean and intuitive.

Mind you, some users might have preferred a brighter color theme, but, sadly, no alternatives are available.

Transfer files between your iOS device and PC easily

When launching IOTransfer for the fist time, the application should detect your iPhone immediately, provided it is connected to your PC and iTunes is installed on your system.

The program displays all the apps, photos, songs, videos, podcasts and ebooks stored on your device, and you can copy any of them on your computer.

Additionally, it is possible to copy data from local storage, and the process is very simple, as you only need to press the Import button and select the right files. If transferring photos, you can also specify which album they should be stored in.

Simple-to-use management utility for your iOS device

While IOTransfer, as its name suggests, is primarily designed to help you transfer files, it also allows you to search for specific items on your iOS device and delete unnecessary files.

Overall, this is a great program for iPhone, iPad or iPod owners who are looking for an easier way to transfer data between their devices and Windows computers. It is very easy to use and features a minimalistic, intuitive interface.

IOTransfer Pro [Transfer Your Files Across Devices]

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[VIP] VidKala [Create Viral FB Videos] [+BONUS]

VidKala [Create Viral FB Videos] [+BONUS]
Attention: All Website Owners, Beginners & Viral Traffic Seekers

VidKala – World’s 1st Software to Effortlessly MONETIZE YoutubeTM Videos as Videos on FbTM FanPages to Make You Passive Income On 100% AUTOPILOT

Watch How This Software Create Viral Fb Videos With Trending Hashtags For Any Keyword In Under 60 SECONDS To Get FREE Targeted Traffic

Grow Your Fb Pages on Complete AUTOPILOT With Unlimited
100% REAL, Targeted FANS In Any Niche

Plus Create Auto-Sync Money-Making Video Sites For Each FB Fan Page

Vidkala is a WP plugin allowing you to make money sites with 10 times profit by 100% autopilot within less than 60 seconds. Now, let just take it one by one. Taking advantages of top viral video on YouTube and adding your own CTA to the video when you re-post the video, Vidkala can skyrocket your sales with better conversion and massive traffic, and finally huge cash.

But this app isn’t a prank or scam. It’s totally safe to your sites. The videos on searching results are all allowed to use without any copyright infringement. And you’ll also make no violation against FB sharing codes when using this app.

The Great Features And Benefits:

Vidkala has many powerful features for you to monetize massively within a minutes. Now let me pinpoint some for you

✓ Easy to use, newbie friendly interface
✓ Work on any niche with trending hashtags for any targeted audience
✓ Powerful searching tools with filter to get the top viral videos via most comments, most likes, and most views.
✓ Safe filter with no violated results
✓ Allows to post on WP and FB pages
✓ Compatible with all the other plugins and themes on WP
✓ Create the video post and upload the YouTube video on pages as a native FB post after grabbing it on YouTube, and all of these are automatic.
✓ Freely edit the title, description and tags of the videos
✓ Add the YouTube tags into hashtags on FB post and into hyperlink on WP
✓ Statistics dashboard to analyze the results of the videos you posted
✓ Management dashboard to control all your videos. After analyze the outcome in the statistics dashboard, you can delete the videos that don’t work well.
✓ Post many videos at one time, and on multiple FB pages.
✓ Publish instantly of schedule the videos with delay time for each video by bulk feature, both work on FB and WP.
✓ Automatically generate the CTA button for you based on their description, you can deliver the audience to sale page or wherever you want them to go when they click on it.
✓ Work smoothly on both Mac and Windows PC

How Does It Work?
Vidkala will help you monetize within 3 steps:

Step 1: Search you video. Enter the keyword in the box to find the video you want. All the search results are labeled by Creative Common so you don’t need to worry about copyright violence issues. You can filter your search result with views, likes, comments to get the top videos.

Step 2: Customize your video. In this step, you can edit all the description, tags and titles of your videos. You can add the CTA for your subscribers to your pages.

Step 3: Export your videos. Vidkala allows you to publish or schedule your videos. You can multiply post a video on more than one page and post more than one video on a page.

You can rinse and repeat the process to set up as many profits driving viral videos factories as you want …

Use Power Of FB Video Which is Still Untapped Leveraging Viral Video On Youtube To Get More Traffic In Any Niche Without Ever Having to Create Quality Videos or Write Content Yourself

VidKala [Create Viral FB Videos] [+BONUS]

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[VIP] Video Takeover [Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business In Just 4 Steps]

Video Takeover [Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business In Just 4 Steps]

The software that 2 top marketers
.. created to get more sales in their own business

Video Takeover Is A Unique Affiliate Marketing System that consists of both the software and training to build your aff marketing business

Video Takeover eliminates one of the biggest issues with affiliate marketing. Video takeover allows you to send more traffic to the sales page and still show your review or bonus videos to your prospects.

Video Takeover is designed for: T-SHIRT SELLERS, AFFILIATE Marketers, NETWORK Marketers, CPA Marketers, VIDEO Marketers, Amazon Marketers, Email Marketers, FACEBOOK Marketers, Beginners, etc.

Video Takeover [Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business In Just 4 Steps]

Video Takeover [Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business In Just 4 Steps]

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[VIP] Internet Download Manager [The Fastest Download Accelerator]

Internet Download Manager - The Fastest Download Accelerator

Internet Download Manager Added Windows 10 compatibility. Fixed compatibility problems with different browsers including Internet Explorer 11, all Mozilla Firefox versions up to Mozilla Firefox Aurora, Google Chrome. Improved FLV grabber to save videos from web players on web pages, Google Video, MySpace TV, and other popular sites
Internet Download Manager [The Fastest Download Accelerator]
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done. 

Other features include multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

Version 6.28 adds Windows 10 compatibility, adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like MySpaceTV, and others. It also features complete Windows 8.1 (Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista) support, video page grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE 11 and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

Internet Download Manager [The Fastest Download Accelerator]

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[GIVEAWAY] Mail It Plugin [Clean Bad Emails From Your List With A Single Click]

Mail It Plugin [Clean Bad Emails From Your List With A Single Click]

7 Figure Marketer Reveals The SECRET Software He Built For His OWN Business To Increase Email Open Rates, Get More Clicks, And Stop Paying Monthly Fees For Email Services... FOREVER!

Mail It Plugin is a WordPress plug-in that’s easy to setup and use… ANYONE, regardless of technical background or experience, can be up and running in a matter of minutes…

Not only will you get better results in your business and make MORE money (because people are actually getting your emails)… You’ll SAVE hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year based on your list size.

With Mail It…

✓ Delivery rates are consistently higher than what I was getting with 3rd party email services like Aweber
✓ Bounce rates are MUCH LOWER than before
✓ Overall clicks and profits from email have INCREASED!

Special Features of Mail It Plugin:

☑ Send emails with your own site or use an SMTP relay (Such as Amazon, G-Mail, SendGrid and more) if you choose.
☑ Import your lists without restrictions… There’s no one to tell you which subscribers you can and cannot upload – It’s your business and you can upload any lists you wish with a click of your mouse
☑ There’s also no limit to the amount of lists that you upload… With Mail It, upload unlimited lists into the software and start mailing!
☑ When you import lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out, maximizing your delivery rates and saving you time from having to manually “scrub” your lists
☑ Send as many emails as you want… anytime you want. If you haven’t caught on yet, there are NO limits with Mail It 
☑ Send one-time email “broadcasts” or set up autoresponder messages to follow-up with your subscribers on autopilot…
☑ Mail It is SPF – DKIM, and Can SPAM compliant so you don’t have to worry about running afoul of any of the major emailing rules and regulations out there
☑ With the click of your mouse, you can get all of the most important email stats to run your business… things like open rate, click rate, spam complaints and bounce rate are all tracked inside of Mail It
☑ Want to send formatted HTML emails? No problem… You can do that with Mail It! You even get access to a powerful WYSIWYG message creator if you don’t want to mess with complicated HTML code…
☑ Your subscribers can easily unsubscribe with a single click… there are no hoops for them to jump through if they want off your list… this GREATLY reduces SPAM complaints and protects your send reputation…
☑ Built in send throttling to ensure your complaint with ANY hosting
☑ Clean the bad emails from your list with a single click with our simple “list cleaning” feature
☑ And of course, Mail It would not be complete without the ability to create unlimited opt-in forms in just seconds…
☑ Mail It integrates with Brett’s Profit Canvas AND Affiliate Trax software to save you time and make your online marketing business unstoppable…
☑ And, you get access to “step by step” tutorials to make it easy for you to get started

How it works:

Self-hosted email with Mail It is simple…

You don’t need to be a “technical wizard” to get results with this…

If you can point and click your mouse, you can use Mail It.

This software was intentionally created to be extremely user-friendly, and with the included step-by-step tutorials, getting started is easy…

The Mail It Plugin Gives You
FULL Control Of Your Online Business...

✓ YOU choose what subscribers you upload into the system 
✓ YOU choose when you send emails
✓ YOU choose how many emails you want to send (there are no limits) 
✓ YOU choose what's in the emails that you send...
✓ YOU never have to worry about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you money... ever again!

Mail It Plugin [Clean Bad Emails From Your List With A Single Click]

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The Link Master WP plugin was created primarily for affiliate marketers and we have to admit it is a great plugin if you are into affiliate marketing. BUT we found it also serves a purpose for any business that utilizes social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social media.

Here is the problem: Many great content sites and sales pages are made in such a way that the traffic you send to them can get scooped up by the site owner… by offering a freebie on exit, they get that customers email address for themselves, for free. Basically, they are getting your most valuable asset as an affiliate marketer, your email list or your traffic. You are giving them new leads for free!

Solution: Link Master protects your traffic from getting siphoned away. In a nutshell, the plugin is designed to clock affiliate links which isn’t anything new. The cool thing this plugin does is three-fold:
1. It pulls any sales page or content page on the web into your site under your url. You can then post it to social media under your url.

2. It can block the exit pop signup of the page so they can’t steal your leads.
You can redirect that exit traffic to any webpage you choose. So you can send then to another offer, any page of your website or squeeze page.

3. If you are not into affiliate marketing this plugin has some great uses worth considering. On social media you can use this plugin to post great relevant or trending niche content from all over the web to your social media accounts and still redirect the visitor when they leave the page. This feature stays intact even if the content gets shared!

Here is a list of the plugin features:

✓ Cloak your affiliate link with your own website domain name.
✓ Supports 6 different types of redirects.
✓ Complete stat tracking showing total clicks, unique clicks, and clicks over time.
✓ Pull the vendors sales page into your website.
✓ Bypass on exit pop ups on the vendors sales page that lets them snag your traffic when a sale is not completed.
✓ Add your own on exit redirect into the vendors sales page that will redirect people to any URL you want if they try to leave without making a purchase.
✓ Automatically change and word in your posts or pages to become clickable, cloaked links.

If your an affiliate marketer or are interested in affiliate marketing, you need to watch the video below right now:


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[VIP] Bam Bam Backlinks [Rank Youtube Videos On page One]

Bam Bam Backlinks [Rank Youtube Videos On page One]

Discover how to create powerful back links to your videos or websites using the power of Google Properties...This is the GOOD STUFF! Smart backlinking for 2017 & Beyond!

Bam Bam Backlinks is the cutting edge training on authority backlinking via Google properties. It is the WordPress RSS generator plugin and built-in tools. Clive McG offers four built-in tools that work great in tandem with his training plus a WordPress plugin that generates RSS Feeds from multiple URLs that takes the whole process to a new level. 

Bam Bam Backlinks use the power of over 16 Google Properties to create High Authority backlinks to your YouTube videos. This successful formula for ranking videos on the page for leads and profits and use tactics that allow you to release the product. Bam Bam Backlinks will provide you more than an edge without paying for backlinks or PBN's that leave footprint.


☑ Access all the Google Properties Training
☑ 10  Videos plus Documentation
☑ Interactive Mind Map
☑ Built In Tool Access

Sometimes, no matter how good your SEO and Ranking “Smarts” you need a few Heavy Hitting Back Links!
With Bam Bam Backlinks, you now are able to know how to rank #1 and profit like a video boss and easy to set up, powerful backlinks that you can create super fast (and plugin).

Bam Bam Backlinks is the easy and fast “double tap” back link strategy. Quite simply this is cutting edge optimization known only to a handful of top video marketers. This video is 86 seconds long.

It shows the way to create powerful backlinks that will blow your competition away, backlinks that you can create with Zero out of pocket expenses.

Bam Bam Backlinks is ideal for everyone. Bam Bam Tactic can easily be enough to rank all of your videos above the toughest competition. But in the spirit of “Over Delivery”, your Bam Bam Backlinks training includes access to the Bam Bam RSS Plugin – create an RSS Feed out of any URL, or dozens of URLs…

Bam Bam Backlinks [Rank Youtube Videos On page One]

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