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[GIVEAWAY] Tube Cash Jeet [Learn Every YouTube Ranking Trick That Exists]

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Cash Jeet [Learn Every YouTube Ranking Trick That Exists]

YouTube Ranking & Optimization Mastery - Be No.1 On YouTube
The complete YouTube course that tells you everything about being a video producer and ranking your YouTube videos on #1

Expert Video Training tool kit to learn winning formulas to YouTube success. Tube Cash Jeet is the perfect training solution to help you ace competion on YouTube. Master succesful video marketing strategies that get you exploding traffic and make you an expert YouTube video marketer.

Generate hundreds of thousands of views on your YouTube channel with the help of Tube Cash Jeet. This comprehensive video training helps you master traffic basics, backlinks know-all and YouTube ranking techniques. Be an expert in leveraging social media platforms and audience engagement for successful video marketing.

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Cash Jeet [Learn Every YouTube Ranking Trick That Exists]

☑ Ends your struggle to master the YouTube success techniques. 
☑ Helps you capitalize on audience support to enjoy high viewership. 
☑ Trains on content optimization to rank better. 
☑ Helps you drive massive organic traffic to your YouTube channel. 
☑ Gets you to leverage social media and other YouTube tools to help you build an authority channel.

1. With Tube Cash Jeet, master the traffic basics and drive massive organic traffic to your site. 
2. Learn ranking techniques and build expertise in content optimization.
3. Utilize engagement tools from CTAs, annotations to In-Video programming.
4. Learn to leverage social media platforms - FB, Twitter and YouTube for high viewership.

YouTube marketing is an exciting opportunity and the new content playingfield that has made many people millionaires. People have been earning from YouTube through adsense, promoting offers, and by diverting traffic to their own website.

This is a very comprehensive course on producing and ranking videos on YouTube that will teach you everything you need to create a YouTube channel that gets free traffic from YouTube through rankings on #1 page of YouTube and Google.

This course full training videos touching every aspect of YouTube video promotions to help you.

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Cash Jeet [Learn Every YouTube Ranking Trick That Exists]

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[VIP] Email Jeet Pro [Your Captive Desktop Autoresponder]

Email Jeet Pro [Your Captive Desktop Autoresponder]

Email Jeet 
A powerful desktop mailing solution 

Run multiple email campaigns without expensive autoresponders that charge hefty monthly fee. With Email Jeet, reach more inbox and cut down on spam score, radically. Build your list and expand your email marketing business with this most powerful mailing system.

With Email Jeet, upload a list of subscribers straight into the app with no opt in or double optin verifications. Take control of all your email marketing problems with this userfriendly mailing syestem that is compatible with all leading email service providers.

Email Jeet is a PC-based email marketing software by Cyril Gupta that has all the features you can expect from an autoresponder, including:

☑ List management
☑ Optin forms
☑ Unsubscribes
☑ Mail sequencing

Plus some extras. Only with Email Jeet you can:

☑ Mail partial lists
☑ Throttle email sending speed
☑ Send emails without any third party SMTP using Email Jeet’s in-built SMTP server.
☑ You can send your emails direct from your computer or a VPS (if you’re a big sender) without bowing to the whims and fancies of autoresponders, and with total control over your list and emailing.

Revolutionary Mail Marketing Software That Lets You Mail ANY List Right From Your Desktop Computer

Autoresponder & Mail Sequencing
How would you like to send a mail to your customers automatically when they sign up to a list?

It can be a welcome message, a notification when they buy your product, or an information newsletter. Not just that, you can send complete mail sequences to your customers. That means one mail on the 1st day, then another on the 2nd, and still another on the 3rd. It can keep going on.

Make your customers go through your entire funnel and sell your complete product set without a worry. With Email Jeet PRO it’s easy!

Optin Forms & Lead Gathering
Email Jeet PRO supports Optin forms and lead gathering.

So you can embed your custom designed Optin forms on your websites and grab leads through pop up boxes, exit pops or forms on your site. Any site! It can be a Wordpress blog, an e-commerce site, a static lead-grab page or a squeeze page.

You can grab leads absolutely free (no monthly charge) with Email Jeet’s lead grabbing system

Mail Without SMTP
What if we told you that you don’t need anything except Email Jeet to mail out? No SMTP! No Gmail account! No hosting! Nothing else except Email Jeet PRO!

You see, Email Jeet PRO has an inbuilt SMTP server which can send email directly to your lead’s inbox connecting to his ISP’s SMTP server. This is something that you won’t find in email sending solutions many more times as expensive. Imagine having total freedom from mail company diktats. Well, this is it.

Unlimited Lists & Sending
Your Autoresponder is charging you a bomb for every Email you send out.

You’re not only limited by your list size, but often by the number of emails you send. Bet you’re paying through your nose! Hundrends of dollars a month to mail to a list of a few thousand! It gets REALLY, REALLY EXPENSIVE! No, you don’t need to pay that much. Email Jeet PRO will give you the power to send unlimited emails, create a list of unlimited people, unlimited number of lists and mail out to them as often as you like, without paying as anything at all!

You know it’s the smart thing to get.

Add Unlimited Email Provider Accounts
Are you a professional who wants to use multiple email providers? You should!

Don’t let downtime or service issue on one provider affect your email marketing. Keep a second provider as a backup, or even for spreading the load around and varying the email signature so that you can get better delivery. Email Jeet PRO lets you add in multiple Email service providers. As many as you want! You’ll never lose money because of undelivered email again, and make maximum profits.

Other providers like Ongage charge $100 a month for this!

Marketer License (Send Emails for Clients)
Here’s the easiest way to make money from Email Jeet.

Accept mailing jobs from local businesses. You know that every local business like a dentist, restaurant, bar, etc. maintains a customer list that they’d love to stay in touch with but usually don’t. You can easily charge hundreds of dollars a month to send out their mails and do their email marketing!

All you would have to do is load up the emails in Email Jeet PRO and send out the campaign! Can’t get easier than that. Right?

3 Computer Licenses
Bet you’ve got more than one computer around you.

A laptop for personal use, and a home computer, and maybe a computer for your wife or assistant. Maybe even a computer for your virtual assistant. Buying a separate license for all these PCs is going to set you back a pile of dollars, but you’ll need them! Get Email Jeet PRO, and you don’t have to spend all that money. We will give you 3 licenses that you can use on your computers or even give your team.

These licenses are going to come in real handy if you want to let others work on your email marketing and free you up.

Here’s What You Get:

☑ ONLY in Email Jeet PRO
☑ Autoresponder & Mail Sequencing
☑ Optin Forms for lead gathering
☑ Mail Without Any SMTP! (Direct to lead’s inbox)
☑ Add Unlimited Email Service Accounts
☑ Unlimited Lists & Sending
☑ Marketer License (Send emails for clients)
☑ Licenses for 3 Computers

Invest Once & Never Worry About Email Marketing Again

Email Jeet PRO is the most power packed Desktop email marketing solution you can ever find. The features that it has are not there even in many professional SAAS that charge you a hefty monthly fee. You don’t have to pay us every month to use Email Jeet. Nope!

Remember every dollar that you save, goes into your profits, and with the improved delivery + open rate from Email Jeet, you’re not only saving money, you’re also boosting your profits! Make the right decision for your online marketing business.

Email Jeet Pro [Your Captive Desktop Autoresponder]

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[VIP] Video Jeet [Create traffic pulling automated video blogs]

Video Jeet [Create traffic pulling automated video blogs]

The Traffic Holy Grail Sends You Free Traffic Forever!
Make Google Send You Traffic For Any Niche Without Writing A Single Word of Content
Get Unlimited REAL VISITORS on Autopilot With This Powerful Software

Video Jeet 
Automate content driven video blogs

A revolutionary auto blogging and video curation software that helps you curate video blogs on Wordpress or Blogger. Drives free organic traffic and designs for you a money making vedio blog.

☑ No need to buy hosting or domain name. Invest 0 on these blogs!
☑ Automated traffic for any niche. Just pick the initial keywords.
☑ Self updating video blogs get you fresh content and fresh traffic forever.
☑ Gets you traffic from social media through public posts with automatic hashtags.
☑ True push-button solution. Set it up, click it once and forget it. No need to use every day.
☑ 100% organic traffic from search engines. High quality and highly relevant to your niche.
☑ One-time setup, and then runs forever on automatic.
☑ Desktop software runs on your PC or windows VPS, no hassle of IP purchase or loss of control.
☑ Easy to use and setup even for newbies. Nothing to master or work on every day.

Get fresh content for your existing video blog or curate trending content from the top video blogs on Wordpress or Blogger.This 100% automated tool is fully customizable. Search manually or opt for auto search for constantly updates video blogs that helps you create bigger social media presence.

☑ Optimal research tool that sources fresh content and curates video blog content for your YouTube channel. 
☑ Creates multiple earning avenues. 
☑ Earn through adsense, affiliate offers or redirect traffic to your money making sites.
☑ Creates backlinks on other blogger's pages redirecting more viewers to your websites.
☑ Connects to your FB, Twitter accounts boosting subscriptions. 
☑ Pings search engines that pick up articles and keep you high in ranking.

1. Seamless integration with Blogger and Wordpress blogs.
2. Sources videos automatically from YouTube against the selected keywords.
3. Allows you to modify title, text, tags and content as per your requirements.
4. Posts directly to your blog.
5. Creates a twitter following for you by tweeting post updates on your twitter account.
6. Schedule your posts or set the frequency to create a time gap between your posts. (15 minutes to 5 hours gap between posts).

Video Jeet [Create traffic pulling automated video blogs]

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[VIP] Traffic Jeet Vidwords [Navigate & Discover Extraordinary YouTube Niches]

[VIP ]Traffic Jeet Vidwords [Navigate & Discover Extraordinary YouTube Niches]
Traffic Jeet Vidwords 
Navigate & Discover Extraordinary YouTube Niches

This unique tool finds you all the keywords you could want in your niche, and also helps you discover untapped niches and segments that you can capitalize on to get more and more viewers and make videos that really explode!

Vidwords finds its keywords from a special source, so you're sure to get a number of untrapped, fresh keywords that nobody else has sucked dry yet!

The only keyword tool that harvests and collects effective video keywords. It gives you unique and untapped keywords longer than even 3 words. Harvest thousands of keywords in a matter of minutes, or use the navigation feature to drill down into related keywords.

☑ Make your YouTube niche research easier with this unique tool that lets you navigate through any niche, finding related niches in any direction.
☑ Navigate niches thoroughly.
☑ Discover hidden niches and sub niches. Harvest highly targeted video keywords.

1. Targeted Video Keywords - Regular SEO keywords often do not give best results for video marketing. Vidwords Jeet gets 100% video keywords, helping you rank on terms that video viewers are searching.

2. Powerful Niche Research Tool - Drill down into any niche and discover related keywords. Navigate in any direction to discover sub niches using our powerful navigation system.

3. Harvest Video Keywords - Harvest hundreds or even thousands of video keywords using the harvester tool to create content that's highly targeted and sought.

4. Take Keywords Anywhere - Export keywords to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file or copy them to the clipboard to use anywhere you want.

Vidwords Jeet finds all the keywords you could want in your niche, and helps you discover untapped niches and segments that you can capitalize on to get more viewers and make videos that really explode! Vidwords finds its keywords from a special source, so you’re sure to get a number of untapped, fresh keywords that nobody else has sucked dry yet!

Traffic Jeet Vidwords [Navigate & Discover Extraordinary YouTube Niches]

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[VIP] Tube CIA Jeet [Infiltrate & Dominate YouTube]

[VIP] Tube CIA Jeet [Infiltrate & Dominate YouTube]
Tube CIA Jeet is a product that has no parallels. It helps you connect with your viewers to hold them returning over and over, research your corner, and issues you a direct spyline into any YouTube channel you need.

TubeCIA Jeet – It’s your own YouTube inbox.

That is the mystery of positioning to the top spot. Recover those viewers going to your channel over and over, and you’ll rank at No.1 inevitably! No inquiries concerning that…!”


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[VIP] Resell Rights Mastery [LIFETIME ENTERPRISE] [WORTH $197.00]

[VIP] Resell Rights Mastery [LIFETIME ENTERPRISE] [WORTH $197.00]

This is my private JUMBO collection of constantly adding Resell Rights, Private Label Content, Cutting-Edged Reseller Strategies, web graphics, tools, and resources which I use to build and grow my STRING of Internet Businesses. 

Now I am handing you the keys to my online kingdom, so you can also now access my personal vault of marketing 'money making' weapons... on every level! 

That's right. You get access to my continuously, well-stocked vault of high quality digital products - ranging from E-Books and Special Reports to software, audio and video - with mass appeal and the license to resell. 

As I've said earlier, I run a string of Online Businesses and there's only so many products that I can resell on my own. In other words... I've got hundreds of products too many than I could actually milk my profit from! 
This is going to be YOUR gain. 

As I am a friend and 'connector of several Internet Marketers and product creators, I get timely access to the latest release of Resell Rights products in the market. Like you, I make an un-biased spot check to see if the products even worth looking at much less resell for my own profit.

[VIP] Resell Rights Mastery [LIFETIME ENTERPRISE] [WORTH $197.00]

[VIP] Resell Rights Mastery [LIFETIME ENTERPRISE] [WORTH $197.00]

[VIP] Resell Rights Mastery [LIFETIME ENTERPRISE] [WORTH $197.00]

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[GIVEAWAY] Sinfiltrator [Monetize Any Website]

[GIVEAWAY] Sinfiltrator [Monetize Any Website]

Monetize Any Website In The World Even If It’s Not Yours

Would Your Subscribers Like To Know The EASIEST Way To Make Sales, Build A List & Bank Commissions Even If They Have NOTHING To Start With?

How We Use Our Software to Create Beautiful Optin Boxes and Banners in 5 Minutes Flat...
and how you can do the same...


Avoid The Headache Of Manual HTML
Sinfiltrator allows you to create beautiful optin boxes and banners instantly

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training
Learn how to use Sinfiltrator just like we do, to get started today and convert your traffic instantly. You'll never be left in the dark

Tap Into Unlimited FREE Traffic
Get targeted traffic in any niche without breaking the ban


Follow our video training where nothing is left out, and create awesome banners and optin forms today

Use our software to quickly overlay your offers right over the top of your content

You don't have to have a website to get traffic or build a list with Sinfiltrator. Our system is fully hosted on our lightning-fast servers so you can skip the work of setting up your own site.

All you need to do is login to our system and you will be able to start sharing monetized content instantly

Never be stuck with technical issues anymore. Sinfiltrator is perfect for non-techys

Create beautiful money layers and calls to action that attract clicks like crazy, even if you know nothing about websites

Sinfiltrator gives you the power to place your links right in front of large buying audiences in any niche.

STEP 1: Specify which content you'd like to monetize

STEP 2: Choose how you'd like to monetize it and where the traffic should be sent

STEP 3: Share it with hungry eyeballs with just one click. Use our exact training to find these targeted buyers

Follow along step-by-step and don't miss anything in our extensive video training. Watching us do it live in front of your eyes makes it completely goof-proof.


☑ Fully Responsive, Looks Beautiful Everywhere
☑ Advanced Tracking and Stats
☑ 100% Web Based Technology Works on Mac and PC
☑ Top Rated 24x7 Customer Support
☑ Secure and Unstoppable
☑ No Monthly Fees During Launch Period


☑ How to finally use Sinfiltrator to build an e-mail list of people who actually buy – with no product of your own, and no squeeze page. You don’t even need your own domain name.
☑ How to do ALL OF THIS even if you have zero assets to your name: no product, no website, no connections, no list… you need NOTHING.

[GIVEAWAY] Sinfiltrator [Monetize Any Website]
Sinfiltrator will give your customers the power to leverage any piece of content that’s already online. They’ll be able to add their own affiliate link, opt-in form, video, call to action, etc. on directly on top.

That means that even if they have:

☒ No list
☒ No product
☒ No website
☒ No experience
☒ No connections

[GIVEAWAY] Sinfiltrator [Monetize Any Website]

Place any image over any content and make it clickable. Link to Affiliate Offers, CPA, anything you want

Add your headline and a clickable link to the top or bottom of any page, send to any link you want!

Place your own beautiful optin form with header, subheader etc over any piece of content, and redirect to any link after optin!

Place your scarcity bar with a call to action and timer on OTHER people's content, and send clicks anywhere!

Embed your video on anyone's content. Promote affiliate or CPA offers. Clickable button will send them anywhere you want!

Display any custom HTML, or any external website right over the top of other websites online and collect commissions!

[GIVEAWAY] Sinfiltrator [Monetize Any Website]

[GIVEAWAY] Sinfiltrator [Monetize Any Website]


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