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[GIVEAWAY] Gramto [100% Free Instagram Automation All in One Tools]

[GIVEAWAY] Gramto [Free Instagram Automation Tool]

Gramto is a Free Instagram Tool that handles all of your Instagram activities on complete auto pilot. This great tool will handle your Post Schedules, Auto Comment, Auto DM, Auto Like, Auto Follow, Unfollow & More.

A Smart Way to Gram
Grow your followers, Plan your schedule, your workflows, your goals.

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[VIP] Seamless SEO [Increase Traffic by Over 200%]

"NEW SEO Technology Causes Page 1 Rankings and a 235% Increase In Traffic In Less Than 24 Hours..."

"Fact is, Proper On-Page SEO is the foundation to ALL Successful SEO Campaigns.."

Seamless SEO [Increase Traffic by Over 200%]

Seamless SEO is a WordPress plugin that claims to increase traffic by over 200% through automated on-page SEO tweaks that increase your website’s Google authority and rankings.

In other words, Seamless SEO is best described as an all-in-one on-page SEO tool.
You are getting an LSI keyword finder, instant on-page SEO optimizer, and Facebook & Video snippet creator in a box.

Once upon a time, website rankings were primarily based on the quantity of backlinks with optimized anchor text pointing to your money sites.

After that, rankings were primarily based on the quality of backlinks going to your money sites.
As search engines continued to evolve, it became clear the most informative websites were not those that figured out how to manipulate their link profiles…

Informative and highly relevant websites that deliver quality content to Internet users generally have good on-page SEO.

That’s why on-page SEO (and social signals) have become the dominant ranking factors in Google and other search engines in 2015.

✓ Seamless SEO is a WP plugin which provides you with a few settings at the click of a button which instantly SEO-optimizes your website.

✓ Even better yet, every time you write an article, post or page on your website, you are provided with an SEO checklist which helps you always match Google’s guidelines.

At the end you are given an SEO score. Work on getting it as close to 100 as possible, and you’re on your way to #1 rankings.

✓ LSI keywords are essential if you want to double or triple your traffic. With Seamless SEO, LSI keywords have never been easier to find and add.

✓ You can even easily add your Google Authorship to your sites, which is proven to increase your traffic by over 150%! Don’t EVER mess with any html code to add your Authorship!

✓ Seamless SEO makes your website load faster so you can reach your visitors more easily & get extra SEO benefits from Google.

✓ Automatically generates & submits video sitemaps for maximum Video SEO juice, which results in higher rankings, more traffic AND a video thumbnail next to each of your SEO results.

✓ And how about cashing in on that trending social traffic from Facebook? With Seamless SEO, you can edit the title, description and image which appears on Facebook every time someone shares your link, so that it looks truly appealing and much more likely for someone to buy.

Seamless SEO Will:

☑ Boost your traffic by up to 300% with only a few minutes' work a day

☑ Hummingbird-proof your website:
no need to ever worry about the
next Google update again

☑ Take care of all your on-page SEO headaches with a proven roadmap

☑ Instantly find dozens of high-quality long-tail LSI keywords. Used properly as Seamless SEO uses them, LSI keywords
can dramatically impact your traffic,
rankings and earnings.

☑ Add and customize Google Authorship right within the plugin, so you don't have to bother with setting it up manually, which is an enormous headache.

☑ Get your video thumbnail inside Google search results which can result in DOUBLING your click through rate and getting more traffic for the same
rankings and zero extra effort

☑ Attract Facebook visitors and increase your social traffic literally overnight

☑ Dramatically improve your website speed so that people reach you faster, and stay on your website longer

It has been proven that Google Authorship will improve traffic by up to 150% so this is a feature that you cannot miss.

And the best part is that in order to get started with Seamless SEO you need:

✖ ZERO technical know-how
✖ ZERO additional money and/or tools
✖ ZERO experience

Seamless SEO [Increase Traffic by Over 200%]

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[GIVEAWAY] The Browser Hacker's Handbook [Browser Vulnerabilities to Attack Deep Within Networks]

The Browser Hacker's Handbook [Browser Vulnerabilities to Attack Deep Within Networks]

Browsers have never been more vulnerable
Hackers exploit browser vulnerabilities to attack deep within networks

The browser has essentially become the operating system of the modern era, and with that comes vulnerabilities on a scale not yet seen in IT security. The Browser Hacker’s Handbook, written by an expert team of browser hackers, is the first book of its kind to offer a tutorial-based approach to understanding browser vulnerabilities and learning to defend your networks and critical systems from potential attacks.

This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how hackers target browsers and exploit their weaknesses to establish a beachhead and launch attacks deep into your network. Fight back with The Browser Hacker’s Handbook.

Learn to:

Exploit the most common vulnerabilities of Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, and Chrome™, as well as other browsers
Leverage browsers as pivot points into a target’s network when performing security assessments
Initiate—and maintain—control over a target browser, giving you direct access to sensitive assets
Exploit weaknesses in browser plugins and extensions, two of the most vulnerable entry points for the browser
Use Inter-protocol Communication and Exploitation to further exploit internal network systems from the hooked browser

Hackers exploit browser vulnerabilities to attack deep within networks The Browser Hacker's Handbook gives a practical understanding of hacking the everyday web browser and using it as a beachhead to launch further attacks deep into corporate networks. Written by a team of highly experienced computer security experts, the handbook provides hands-on tutorials exploring a range of current attack methods.

The web browser has become the most popular and widely used computer "program" in the world. As the gateway to the Internet, it is part of the storefront to any business that operates online, but it is also one of the most vulnerable entry points of any system. With attacks on the rise, companies are increasingly employing browser-hardening techniques to protect the unique vulnerabilities inherent in all currently used browsers. The Browser Hacker's Handbook thoroughly covers complex security issues and explores relevant topics such as:

Bypassing the Same Origin Policy ARP spoofing, social engineering, and phishing to access browsers DNS tunneling, attacking web applications, and proxying all from the browser Exploiting the browser and its ecosystem (plugins and extensions) Cross-origin attacks, including Inter-protocol Communication and Exploitation The Browser Hacker's Handbook is written with a professional security engagement in mind. Leveraging browsers as pivot points into a target's network should form an integral component into any social engineering or red-team security assessment. This handbook provides a complete methodology to understand and structure your next browser penetration test. 

The Browser Hacker's Handbook

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[VIP] Magic Tube Rankings [Get UNLIMITED Traffic From YouTube]

Magic Tube Rankings [Get UNLIMITED Traffic From YouTube]

Magic Tube Rankings [Get UNLIMITED Traffic From YouTube]

No blackhat garbage. No gimmicks. This is whitehat and IT WORKS.

You Get Everything You Need To Follow Along And Start Ranking on TOP SPOTS on YouTube Every Time You Do This...

Step-By-Step Video Training - This video training takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to get started and start ranking your videos on YouTube as easily and fast as possible. No stones are left unturned, and you'll be able to finally start ranking videos with this right out of the gates.

Over The Shoulder LIVE Competition Analysis - Watch over my shoulders as I show you EXACTLY how I analyze competition for a live keyword so you know which elements you need to look at when picking your keywords. This is super important and it is explained in detail inside the training modules.

Resources And Examples - To guarantee that you start ranking your videos quickly with this powerful method, I'm including multiple resource files of all the links I've used in the training and actual examples of picking keywords and monetizing my videos.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside Magic Tube Rankings...

VIDEO 1 - The biggest thing most YouTubers mess up when trying to make money with YouTube: Creating a Successful YouTuber Mindset! (This is a BIGGIE)

VIDEO 2 - Go over my shoulder as I find a highly targeted low competition GOLDEN KEYWORDS and Instantly MONETIZE THEM using 100% FREE tools

VIDEO 3 - This is where the Big MAGIC Happens... Here you'll learn how to BEAT EVERYBODY IN YOUR COMPETITION by finding out what they're doing wrong and making it a lot better on your own videos.

VIDEO 4 - This module is All about DOMINATING The Market! Here You'll discover How You Can Get ALL THE TRAFFIC Coming to Your Market by Scaling your strategy easily!

And that's just the tip of the Iceberg...

This is what you WILL NOT NEED!

- No complicated backlinking process
- No professional camera shooting required
- No previous traffic needed
- No fortune spent to rank the videos
- No missing steps or details! (you'll learn all the secrets inside...)

Magic Tube Rankings [Get UNLIMITED Traffic From YouTube]


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[VIP] WP FRESHSTART 4.0 [Essential WP To Setup Brand New Sites Just 1-Click]

WP FRESHSTART 4.0  [Essential WP To Setup Brand New Sites Just 1-Click]

WP Freshstart 4.0 is known as a plugin which can automate all the boring tasks and routine jobs that involve in setting up a new wordpress site. All these jobs like creating legal pages for your site, setting up SEO or creating sitemaps for your site or installing themes and plugins that you want- will be done in no more than 1 minute.

Feature Details:

✓ Simple 1-Click Plugin for WordPress Automation
✓ Does over 20 Tasks in just 1click of mouse
✓ Delete default posts and pages instantly.
✓ Turn off Comment Notifications via email
✓ Set Permalinks to SEO Friendly Post-Name
✓ Create Must-Have pages + Legal Pages for your site.
✓ Create affiliate disclaimer pages for multiple sites.
✓ Install multiple plugins you require at once.
✓ Reset Your Entire site in 1-Click
✓ Install Recommended Plugins by Niche
✓ Insert Lorem Ipsum content into your posts/pages.
✓ Add dummy images into various parts of your site.
✓ Create Categories & new posts/pages you want.
✓ Disable copying of site content and protect content.
✓ Block hotlinking of images from external sources.
✓ Add Google Analytics and FB Pixel to your site immediately.
✓ Show under construction page & allow logged in users to view the site.
✓ Enable/Disable site indexing by search engines
✓ Create Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml for SEO
✓ Set Blog Title / Tagline in 1 Click.
✓ Add copyright text plus date at the bottom of all pages.
✓ Add EU Cookie notice to your site.
✓ And much more…

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[GIVEAWAY] Dropshipping Wild Kingdom [Get $100 Per Day Every Day]

[GIVEAWAY] Dropshipping Wild Kingdom [Get $100 Per Day Every Day]

Dropshipping Wild Kingdom is the wild market in eCom that show you how to get $100 per day every day.  Lyfe Lyte will decrease the frustration and misery for any entrepreneur. It will set the directions of your business and larger goals. Dropshipping Wild Kingdom comes to the outsourcing and the product you get good insights on how you can follow the footsteps. You will discover how you can outsource the hard work and focus on your business. It will expand and improve your business. If you want to enhance your income without any effort, this product is for you. It will make more money with less work. Dropshipping Wild Kingdom will do 90% of the work in your business by outsourced workers. 

"You can set up this Wild Kingdom Product Machines in 10 minutes"

It’s a wild market in E-com, let me show you how to get to $100 a day, everyday in 10 minutes
"I’m about to show you the easiest and fastest way to $100 every single day you have seen, with 10 minutes of set up..."

You have been trying over and over, again and again for months, some of you even YEARS for something that can get you to at least $100 every day…not only that you wish you could find something that is passive as in 1-5 hours per week.

[GIVEAWAY] Dropshipping Wild Kingdom [Get $100 Per Day Every Day]

The easiest and fastest way to $100 every single day you have seen, with 10 minutes of set up.

What’s included:

✓ The 10 minute set up to $100 a day method
✓ USA dropshipper revealed
✓ Explosive traffic method Cracked
✓ EXACT step by step easy to follow PDF, no videos
✓ Super fast set up
✓ PASSIVE…1-5 hours a week to maintain
✓ 100% Never before Seen method
✓ 100% tested by me
✓ Drag and Drop, enter some text, custom products
✓ You own your OWN custom products

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[VIP] The Bonus Vault [Start Boosting Your Business]

The Bonus Vault [Start Boosting Your Business]

Best way to sell your affiliate products

The Bonus Vault is a brand new software that can help you simplify the process of building high-quality bonuses. By offering these, you can persuade people to buy your products through your affiliate links. This way, you can enhance your sales and revenue.

Normally, in order to build bonuses, you will have to go through many complicated things. If you decide to face them directly, you might throw millions of dollars into a wild goose chase. You can choose to avoid the problems by hiring an expert, but they charge about millions of dollars for one bonus. By using The Bonus Vault, you can escape from both of them. Moreover, you can create as many bonuses as you want and still be economical.

Also, you don’t need to have any specific knowledge or experience to work with The Bonus Vault. It’s very easy to use. Even a child can smoothly build a breath-taking bonus with it.

Features and benefit

25 high-qualified bonuses

By using The Bonus Vault, you will immediately have access to 25 exclusive “done-for-you” bonuses. Plus, these bonuses are based on the ones the creators have used to make thousands of dollars. Customers love bonuses, so they will definitely buy any product of yours as long as there are awesome bonuses included.

Video training

The Bonus Vault was designed to serve newbies, so it’s very simple. However, there are still possibilities that you don’t know how to work with it. If this truly happens, don’t worry. The software contains step-by-step video training that can help you get through every problem.

‘Quick cash’ cheat sheet

If you are the lazy type, this is the feature for you. This cheats sheets go along with the video training and can simplify the already simple process of making money online.

Some other features

The Bonus Vault will offer you some more exclusive things, such as quality information, products from the creators and done-for-you bonus pages, 100% free traffic.Furthermore, you will get to know a lot of information about making money online using the software

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[GIVEAWAY] Amazon Ripper [Scrape Amazon products from Amazon for free]

Amazon Ripper [Scrape Amazon products from Amazon for free]
Download all Amazon item details from selected Amazon categories. Including prices, review ratings, item titles and more. Great for finding new niche products to promote.

What is a Amazon Ripper?
Amazon ripper is a simply free desktop application that allows you to add Amazon items categories and it will scrape / rip all the products from your selected category.

What information does it scrape / rip?
Amazon ripper can scrape the item url, item title, item review count and item price.

Why should I use Amazon Ripper?
When searching for new Amazon products to review if you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program you can use Amazon Ripper to scrape all products in a category and sort by review count (indicating purchase quanity) and price giving you a much better idea about what products to promote rather than checking each item in a category individually.

How does Amazon Ripper work?
HTTP requests are simply sent from the desktop application you download (100% free and full, no trial etc) and the HTML is parsed and the items are extracted out for you to browse or export.

Will Amazon ban my IP address?
By default the application sends requests at a speed that will not cause your IP address to get banned. However if you want to scrape Amazon products and items even faster Amazon Ripper does support an unlimited number of proxies.

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