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[VIP] Fast Traffic Bot [Powerful Software For Automated Web Traffic]

Fast Traffic Bot [Powerful Software For Automated Web Traffic]
New Web Traffic "Robot" That Works 24/7 to Bring You Free Traffic and Subscribers!

Fast Traffic Bot is all-time best selling automation software that gets traffic and generates money on autopilot. 
Fast Traffic Bot gives you the great chance of getting cash. This software is 100% done and running, that keep it a secret until right before the launch. With this Fast Traffic Bot, you will get the great commissions and prizes. 

Fast Traffic Bot Software generates web traffic and income on autopilot. There are some different methods for the web traffic, like SEO which is bit complicated and also takes some time to drive traffic to your site.

Other ways are easy, but cost a lot of money & also risky because you can lose a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing. So either way, it is a worry because it takes time and money both.

This automation software can take the tedious and complex tasks of generating the web traffic & lets your computer automate the method so you do not actually have to do the work. Make no error about it, the business is still being done, but the software & your computer are doing the work alternatively of you. So Download Fast Traffic Bot Software and get web traffic hugely.

Fast Traffic Bot [Powerful Software For Automated Web Traffic]

✓ The goal of Fast Traffic Bot is to get free traffic from safelists.
✓ The software integrates with gmail to open, read and click links to earn credits.
✓ These credits are used to send solo emails to safelist members.
✓ These members will opt-in to squeeze pages, make purchases, click Adsense ads, etc.
✓ The key is to create targeted offers and/or drive traffic to quality affiliate products.


Step 1. Install the software
Step 2. Create 2 new gmail accounts
Step 3. Sign up for 5 or more safelists
Step 4. Configure the software settings
Step 5. Click Start and the software earns credits automatically

You can also use HumanCoder or Death By Captcha if you like (optional).

Fast Traffic Bot is made to run on Windows computers, but it can run on a Mac by using a program called Parallels Desktop for Mac. Parallels allows you to run any PC software on a Mac, without rebooting. Parallels does cost money, but it’s well worth it to be able to run all of your Internet marketing software like Fast Traffic Bot on your Apple computer.

With such a powerful traffic and income system, this is something they could be selling on a big ticket webinar for $1000 or more. And considering all the time and money that went into the creation of this system, he doesn’t think $1000 would have been unreasonable for this package.

Fast Traffic Bot [Powerful Software For Automated Web Traffic]

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[VIP] FileZilla Pro [A fast cross-platform FTP client]

FileZilla Pro [A fast cross-platform FTP client]

FileZilla is a cross-platform graphical FTP, SFTP, and FTPS file management tool for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more. With tons of intuitive tools, FileZilla helps you quickly move files between your computer and Web server. If you plan to use FileZilla regularly, you might like the advanced features like manual configuration and speed limit monitoring. While FTP may seem outdated, it’s actually a very reliable way to transfer large files or groups of files to your Web server. And, with FileZilla, you can deploy multiple simultaneous connections to speed up file transfers. Overall, FileZilla has everything you need to support your FTP needs including a documentation wiki and a forum. 

☑ FileZilla Pro transfers files seamlessly between your machine and remote servers, using either FTP, FTPS or SFTP, or store files in the cloud on Amazon S3.
☑ FileZilla Pro manages all of your transfers no matter how many files are in your source directory, it is heavily optimized for speed and you can also adjust the pace of your transfers at will.
☑ FileZilla Pro allows you to focus on getting your job done. 

FileZilla Pro [A fast cross-platform FTP client]

Filezilla at a Glance

Filezilla is so easy to download and launch that you might not realize how powerful it is. Just enter a few basic server settings and you’re up and running with a single click. To upload and download files, simply drag and drop them between your Web server and computer. You monitor your actions in the site manager pane, which highlights the status of file uploads and downloads, or bypass the queue with manual transfer. You can also pause or cancel file transfers and even configure transfer speed limits to reduce file transfer errors, making the process of managing your Web site a breeze! 

Here is a detailed breakdown of Filezilla’s features: 

✓ FTP, FTPS, and SFTP support—Filezilla gives you a choice between several file transfer protocols and encryption methods, while supporting HTTP and the IPv6 Internet protocol.
✓ Vital Info at a Glance—Filezilla lets you compare your files with server files in the same directory to see if their file name or size is out of sync via highlighted colors..
✓ Built-in file management—A site manager lets you order transfer tasks via a server list and a transfer queue. It also supports resume, which means you can pause and continue transfers. Filename filters help locate specific files with the conditions you want. And you can edit server files on-the-fly, without downloading and re-uploading them back to the server.
✓ Easy to navigate—A tabbed user interface allows you to multitask browse servers to transfer files between them simultaneously. Bookmarks provide easy access to frequently used files. You can also drag and drop files between your computer and Web server.
✓ Advanced file settings—You can configure transfer speed limits to reduce file transfer errors and a network configuration wizard can assist you to configure any confusing network settings.
✓ Reduces timeout errors—Filezilla checks your network connection and notifies you if it has been idle for too long by sending a keep-alive command.
✓ Multi-language support—Filezilla is currently available in 47 languages worldwide.

FileZilla Pro [A fast cross-platform FTP client]

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[GIVEAWAY] The Definitive Guide to Starting a Blog [And Making Sure it's Successful]

The Definitive Guide to Starting a Blog [And Making Sure it's Successful]
This brand new walkthrough covers every aspect of building a successful blog. From the technical side of setting it up, to the most important and critical mistake most people make when getting started. Available as a blog post AND a free 32 page PDF!

Starting a Blog: The Definitive Guide to Set Your Blog up For Success!

Thinking about starting a blog? Great! You may be looking for a technical tutorial on how to buy hosting and a domain and get your blog setup. I'm going to touch on these steps briefly, but setting up a blog has become extremely easy these days. Especially when compared to even just a few years ago.

Many hosting providers offer a 'one-click setup' to get a WordPress blog up and running.

(Heck, here at MLSP we offer MLSP Sites, which is a one click blog setup providing you with thousands of dollars worth of premium themes and plugins.)

What I really want to cover here though are the 3 biggest mistakes that new (or even experienced) bloggers make when starting a blog. If you make these three mistakes during this startup process, it's all for nothing. These go way beyond tips on starting a blog, these are flat out necessities. The technical side of it has become the easy part. THIS is where the magic happens.

I want to not only discuss these 3 mistakes here but also give you a roadmap on how to avoid them altogether. This will make your blog stand out from the masses and give your readers the best experience possible. More importantly, give them reasons to keep coming back.

NOTE: This is a massive article at over 10,000 words. It covers a TON of very important information. Because of this, we have made the 32 page PDF version of this article available for download!

The Definitive Guide to Starting a Blog [And Making Sure it's Successful]

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[GIVEAWAY] Easy Amazon [Find zero competition Amazon keywords]

Easy Amazon [Find zero competition Amazon keywords]

Easy Amazon helps you find Amazon products that have people searching for reviews for them but have ZERO competition on the search engines. Select a category and Easy Amazon will check every item in it to see if people are searching for reviews for that product then it checks if anyone is ranking for reviews around this product.

What is Easy Amazon?
Easy Amazon allows you to find items and products sold on Amazon that have zero review competition on Google. If you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program this tool can seriously boost your traffic and commissions.

How does Easy Amazon work?
Once you enter your Amazon category Easy Amazon will crawl each page scraping all the items and products. For every item it will check if people are searching for reviews on Google using the Google suggest API. If people are searching for reviews for the chosen product / item then easy Amazon will send the search query of "product name + review". For each result that is returned for this search query Easy Amazon checks if they are promoting Amazon products. This allows you to find products and items that have literally zero compition on Google for item / product reviews.

Why should I use Easy Amazon?
Easy Amazon can save you literally hours, even days of Amazon product / item keyword research. How many times have you seen a great item in your niche you'd like to review only to see that Google is stuffed full of highly targeted results for reviews for that item / product.

How does PBN Hunter work?
PBN Hunter works on the following premise. If a website owner has a website (our target website) about a computer game called "Dead man X" they will build their PBN websites pages containing the term "Dead man X" either in the link anchor text or somewhere in the page text. PBN hunter will take the term they are trying to rank for ("Dead man X") and scrape every result from all major search engines about "Dead man X" it can find. Once it scrapes a page containing the term "Dead man X" it will check every outbound link on this page to see if its linking to the targeted website. If it finds a link to the target website it will also check if the website is blocking backlink crawlers such a MOZ and Ahrefs.

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[GIVEAWAY] Guest Post Finder [Find unlimited guest posting opportunities]

Guest Post Finder [Find unlimited guest posting opportunities]
Finding good high metric blogs that accept guest posts can be difficult. Guest Post Finder allows you to simply enter your niche keywords and it will scrape search engines for blogs allowing guest posts in your niche, it will also check the PA/DA of each result.

What is Guest Post Finder?
Guest Post Finder is a 100% free and full desktop application that will search (scrape) Google for guest posting opportunities in your niche so you don't have to spend hours manually doing the same. It will even check Moz DA for each website so you can assess how powerful each link will be.

How does Guest Post Finder work?
Guest Post Finder simply fires HTTP requests to Google to perform searches with your niche keywords and typical guest posting keywords words such as "guest posters wanted". There is currently a total of 40 and you are free to add and remove your own. The conditions for finding guest posts are highly customisable for example the guest post keyword match must be in the body, or title or meta data. Guest Post Finder also support proxies for blazingly fast results.

List of guest posting keywords we use

✓ accepting guest posters
✓ accepting guest posts
✓ articles wanted
✓ become a contributor
✓ become a guest blogger
✓ become an author
✓ become guest writer
✓ blog for us
✓ contribute to our site
✓ contributing writer
✓ contributor guidelines
✓ guest article
✓ guest author
✓ guest blogger
✓ guest column
✓ guest post courtesy of
✓ guest post opportunities
✓ guest poster wanted
✓ guest posters wanted
✓ guest posting guidelines
✓ guest posts
✓ guest posts wanted
✓ looking for guest posts
✓ submit an article
✓ submit article
✓ submit blog post
✓ submit content
✓ submit guest post
✓ submit post
✓ submit your content
✓ suggest a post
✓ this is a guest post by
✓ this post was written by
✓ want to contribute to our website
✓ want to write a post
✓ want to write an article
✓ want to write for
✓ write for us
✓ writers wanted

Why should I use Guest Post Finder?
Finding niche related guest posts can take hours, even days sometimes. Why spend all that time when you can simply enter your niche keywords and let Guest Post Finder do all the searching and metric checking for you. Simply enter your niche keywords and come back to every guest posting opportunity there is for you.

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[GIVEAWAY] Intsant Digital Marketing Tips

Intsant Digital Marketing Tips
Intsant Digital Marketing Tips

Instantly BUILD CREDIBILITY And ATTRACT More Clients With This Professional 
Done-For-You Package of Videos

You Are Getting:

☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Effectively Communicate with Your Audience Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Website Conversions Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Website Traffic Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Get More Positive Customer Reviews Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Optimize Your “Google My Business” Listing Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Using Social Media Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Using Online Videos Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Mobile Strategy Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve SEO Video (Value: $100)
☑ All Slides Combined Into a Full PowerPoint Presentation to Use in Meetings, Trainings, Webinars, etc...
☑ Both U.S. and U.K Professional Voice Overs
☑ PowerPoint Slides for Each Video Provided for Easy Editing
☑ Videos Provided in HD MP4 Format for Easy Branding
☑ MP3 Audio Voice Over Files Included

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[VIP] SociBot [Grow Your Business With This Avant-Garde Facebook Marketing Suite]

SociBot [Grow Your Business With This Avant-Garde Facebook Marketing Suite]

SociBot is a cloud-based, 1-click software tool that responds to Facebook messages, Facebook comments, and more… all on complete autopilot!

SociBot is an all-inclusive Facebook traffic and commission generator. The ultimate purpose of this software is to assist its users in growing their business on complete autopilot. This software enables you to build your own list and engage them to your posts. At the same time, it allows you to message directly to these people to give them your best offers.

Under one single dashboard, SociBot provides many automation features. It also utilizes a button generator tool, which allows you to place a button on any of your websites, blogs, or landing page. 

SociBot [Grow Your Business With This Avant-Garde Facebook Marketing Suite]

Features & Benefits

Automatically respond to any message and comment on Facebook

As my SociBot Review has already mentioned, this software tool offers the comprehensiveness in the automation features, it allows for instant response to any private message and comment on Facebook. It frees you from having to reply every single message or comment, saving you time to do more of the other things you want to.

Customize the message

All the messages are fully customizable. Inside the SociBot’s dashboard, you can edit the message, making it look and perform just the way you want. Specifically, you will decide how SociBot respond, when it operates, and what it says to your target customers.

Get traffic with Facebook badges

Do you know that SociBot award pages that have more than 90% response rate within 15 minutes? With SociBot acting as a an Facebook autoresponder, you will earn this badge easily and quickly. Eventually, you can build trust and get more traffic that’s willing to buy.

Import list with just a few clicks

This feature is what my SociBot Review appreciates the most about this software. You can have your own contacts that you wan to add to your list. In other words, SociBot is a high-performance list builder that can give you more high-value leads than ever.

Add button to any website

With the CTA buttons on your website, you can engage more customers and prospects. These simple buttons will also let you receive the message on Facebook from anywhere.

How Does It Work?

SociBot just takes 3 simple steps to get you more leads, traffic, and buyers

Access – Log in to the system of SociBot by activating your purchase

Set up – Get access to your Facebook account and edit your settings

Profit – Sit back and watch SociBot generate free and organic traffic instantly

SociBot [Grow Your Business With This Avant-Garde Facebook Marketing Suite]

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[GIVEAWAY] Google Competition Slayer [Rank you at the TOP of GOOGLE]

Google Competition Slayer [Rank you at the TOP of GOOGLE]
Google Competition Slayer

Get the information your competitors don't want you to know Google Competition Slayer
...CRUSH your competitors in the Search Engine Ranks...

If you're not researching your keywords, and checking on your competitors 
you will never be able to out rank them in the search engines. 

How long does it take you to find out the number of back-links a competitor has to a link or domain,
the social shares to Facebook or Google+, or even on page SEO attributes like keyword in title, header tags, and more?

If you answered more than 1-2 minutes this software is for you.

You can insert a keyword and have results in less than 30 seconds  
With 17 useful metrics you can then use to further tweak and adjust your site for ranking in the search engines.

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