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[VIP] How To Find Keywords To Reach The First Page Of Google [UDEMY COURSE WORTH $200]

How To Find Keywords To Reach The First Page Of Google

How To Find Keywords To Reach The First Page Of Google

If you are someone who has a blog, website or E-Commerce store you may understand how difficult it can be to get people to discover you naturally online.

Learning to do Keyword Research will give you an instant head start and advantage of increasing your chances to appear on the all-important first page of search engine results.

Keyword Mastery shows you exactly how to use keywords to boost the SEO potency of your content and improve how search engines view your articles.

Watch a live case study in action as we go step-by-step through the process of Keyword Research.

What Keyword Mastery will teach you:

✓ What keywords are and why they are important
✓ How Keywords can help you reach the first page of Google
✓ The reasons why doing Keyword Research can increase organic traffic
✓ How to use fantastic tools to carry out Keyword Research
✓ Tips and tricks for using Keywords in your content to boost your rankings

The course will guide you through the full process of Keyword Research, aimed at beginners and full of important and useful information.

Starting with an overview of what Keywords are and the purpose they play in the online world, you will quickly grasp the importance of using Keyword Research and begin to understand how people are using it to gain an almost unfair advantage.

You will then be taken step-by-step through the full process of Keyword Research.

Armed with your newly acquired knowledge, I will show you how to use two extremely powerful tools that will give you lists of viable keywords you can use to rank higher in search engines.

Throughout the case study, you will discover expert tips to ensure you carry out effective research, whilst learning how to avoid obstacles other website and blog owners often get tripped up by.

Once you have learned how to use the two pieces of software, I will teach you how to use your keywords to maximum effect.

The end result is a wider knowledge of how people use Keywords to reach the front page of search engine results, and all the information required to join them!

What are the requirements?

✓ An interest in increasing organic traffic to your blog or website
✓ A basic knowledge of writing blog posts or articles online
✓ The ability to follow instructions and take action

What am I going to get from this course?

✓ A beginner-friendly introduction to the role of Keywords online
✓ Complete explanation of what Keywords are, their use and importance
✓ The various types of keywords and their different meanings
✓ A full case study taking you through the process of Keyword Research
✓ Learn to use 2 extremely useful tools for completing Keyword Research
✓ Be able to identify Keywords to avoid
✓ Ways to know which Keywords will suit your needs the best
✓ 5 Tricks for making the most of your Keywords
✓ Best Practices for Keyword usage
✓ Things you should never do with Keywords
✓ Further learning and ways to continue building your knowledge

What is the target audience?

✓ People interested in getting more organic traffic
✓ Anyone wanting to learn about SEO
✓ Blog and website owners and E-Commerce Store owners wanting to increase visibility

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[GIVEAWAY] Learn VirtualBox Server and Network Virtualization [UDEMY COURSE]

Learn VirtualBox Server and Network Virtualization

Learn VirtualBox Server and Network Virtualization

In this short course, you will get a detailed overview of Oracle VM VirtualBox. This course is set up to give the student an understanding of the components that make up a virtual environment. You will grasp the concept of what virtualization is and how it is used in corporate and in home environments.

You will learn what the settings within Oracle VM VirtualBox control and how to use them to configure your own home lab. You will gain a hands-on experience because each lecture has a pdf attached with instructions. This detailed overview will start you on your way to understand virtualization and its many uses! 

What are the requirements?

☑ A computer
☑ Internet access
☑ 10gb of free space

What am I going to get from this course?

☑ Fully understand how to create virtual servers or computers
☑ Understand virtual networking
☑ Understand Virtual Machines

What is the target audience?

☑ Anyone interested in the Information Technology career field
☑ Anyone who wants to understand Virtualization

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[VIP] Complete Instagram Domination Course [How I Got 50,000 fans]

Complete Instagram Domination Course [How I Got 50,000 fans]

Learn How To Dominate The World's Hottest Photo Sharing App! See how I converted 40k+ followers into sales - no outlay.

Instagram is currently the hottest Social Network on the planet, and has become the perfect place to market your business, YouTube channel, website, online course, webinar to hundreds of new customers every day. There are 400 million Instagram users, and by using these free techniques, you will be able to attract your ideal customers and truly dominate Instagram.

5700+ Fellow Students Can't Be Wrong!

It is perfect for small businesses owners in any niche - from recruitment to dentistry, affiliates, product sellers, and Youtubers struggling to get off the mark.

This course will teach you the secret hacks that only the viral accounts on Instagram are using and the other 400m users are not! The growth hacks in this course will bring you traffic, mailing list opt-ins, YouTube subscribers, customers and money. You don't need to spend any money to get to 25k followers in 3 months.

So join 5700+ students who are benefitting from this secret sauce!

You can have your own niche up and running TODAY, right after going through this course - and be earning immediately! 

Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you money and customers!


☑ Full, free lifetime access
☑ All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
☑ Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee


☑ Hundreds of YouTube Subscribers and views from Instagram traffic.
☑ Hundreds of Users to my iPhone App from Instagram.
☑ 26,000+ followers inside 3 months
☑ Exposure for my businesses


☑ Make millions of pounds by using their account the correct way
☑ Build large audiences and huge mailing lists using Instagram effectively
☑ Utilise secrets that make them highly followable accounts!

Today, you can start to make money, gain customers, and build exposure with Instagram, with no expense whatsoever - and ZERO social media experience! 

Your initial goal is an easy 8,000 followers every month. 

All you will need is a smartphone where you can download Instagram - I show you how to make your pictures look amazing and professional which will turn your account into an immediate success. 

Based on my huge success so far, I will give you a step by step guide on how I managed to make a very popular from scratch! 

Whether you already have an Instagram account or not, you can build a popular page with just 30 minutes of total work a day, or 4 hours a week.

You'll learn 

1. How to set up your account effectively and for success.
2. What types of accounts grow the quickest, and why.
3. How to choose a Username which attracts followers while you sleep
4. How to actually make money and gain sales via your account
5. Posting and content strategies that do not fail
6. Using apps to make your content look like it was professionally designed
7. Techniques for using your bio to get customers for any purpose
8. How to search and use optimal hashtags
9. How to be seen above your competitors 
10. How to gain hundreds of followers a day
and much, much more!

Well done if you've read this far! Thank you!

In Module 4 there will be some techniques on how to become viral and this does involve some expenditure. But I will show you a technique on how to recoup that expenditure back tenfold! 

You can have your own niche up and running today, right after going through this course - and be earning immediately! 

Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you money and customers!

What are the requirements?

☑ Download the Instagram app on their Smartphone
☑ Have an open mind and a desire to create something truly special and beneficial for yourself

What am I going to get from this course?

☑ Successfully grow an Instagram account to 25,000 followers inside 3 months
☑ Attract new customers and fans to your Instagram account, daily
☑ Convert Instagram followers into paying customers
☑ Set-up their account for 6 figure growth in the long-term

What is the target audience?

☑ Anyone who wants to easily make money, build mailing lists, increase their exposure and become a leader with no money required.
☑ Anyone who wants to learn super growth strategies
☑ Anyone from any country
☑ Anyone of any age or ability
☑ Able to understand English

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[GIVEAWAY] Traffic Problem? Solved [Never Worry About Traffic Again]

[GIVEAWAY] Traffic Problem? Solved [Never Worry About  Traffic Again]
Learn How We’re Getting 768 FREE Highly Targeted Visitors To Our Website Daily … And How You Can Easily Do The Same by Copying and Pasting Our Traffic Formula!

TRAFFIC PROBLEM? SOLVED! Is a first of it’s kind fresh new case study and step by step course showing how to build FB fan pages into the thousands for dirt cheap on repeat, and how to profit from them as often as you like.

Each fan page is built super fast and our audience that I have discovered for you is insanely engaged to everything that we are selling, and has the potential to bring you hundreds to thousands a month in pure profits. Sweet deal, right?


Likes = traffic = profits. It’s that simple. Never before was getting targeted likes so cheap- any newbie can create their very own FB fan page profit machine as early as today.

Takes only minutes per day to get it going!


✓ Never worry about traffic again
✓ Your own private traffic-rich FB fan pages
✓ Never be stumped again when wondering where to get traffic
✓ Build as many traffic-rich fan pages as you like
✓ Set, forget, and go relax
✓ Get your likes for cheaper than ever before

Traffic Problem? Solved! Works In Just 3 Steps...

Step 1: Go through the course

Step 2: Deploy the initial setup that starts building your likes for dirt cheap

Step 3: Enjoy profiting from each fan page and our video ads formula with just minutes of work

Never Worry About Expensive Paid Traffic Again

We’re going to be honest with you. SEO takes FOREVER. Paid traffic only works if you have a huge budget… and until now, these were your only options. Now, a tiny up front cost can help you build a private traffic-rich fan page of thousands of likes that you can market to at no further cost FOREVER...

Now Anyone Can Finally Drive Traffic On Demand..

Build your likes and get traffic effortlessly in any niche you want using this method. This time next week you could have multiple profit-pulling FB fan page machines!

Comes With Full Case Study + High End Training

Included is a case study showing my exact niche, traffic and setup as well as a high end traffic training that outlines exactly how to build these traffic-rich fan pages for cheap,and how to profit from them quickly.

New course helps you build up hot, targeted traffic fast in any niche with ZERO competition...

✓ New case study- fresh, my exact hot niche revealed
✓ Works to get you fast traffic in any niche
✓ Only need 15 min a day
✓ Rapid monetization training included
✓ Step by step and newbie friendly
✓ Real case study results
✓ Free traffic every day
✓ Works for any niche

With This Rapid Traffic, You Can:

✓ Make easy affiliate commissions
✓ Build a list
✓ Make money with adsense
✓ Grow your brand
✓ Get traffic for others
✓ Drive traffic wherever you want for pennies

That’s Right, This Traffic Works For EVERYONE Including:

✓ Newbies
✓ Affiliate marketers
✓ CPA marketers
✓ Ecommerce marketers
✓ List builders/email marketers
✓ Small business owners
✓ Social media marketers
✓ Bloggers
✓ Adsense/Display Ads Marketers
✓ Anyone who needs traffic and is struggling to get it

Traffic Problem? Solved

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[GIVEAWAY] Videotube Engager

[GIVEAWAY] Videotube Engager

Videotube Engager

Do you want the ease of adding a social media action to your videos so that you can easily share them with the world? Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily add a custom HTML screen in your video so you can direct people to your website, product, or service?

Turbo Tube Engage is the simplest way to get your audience talking, sharing, and enjoying the videos you create allowing you to transform the amount of activity you get on your social media sites and your website!

What’s great about Turbo Tube Engage is that it gives you the tools and resources to quickly customize videos to make them your own and to allow you to make the best use of the amount of activity you get from them on your website.

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[GIVEAWAY] Instant Content Creator

[GIVEAWAY] Instant Content Creator
Instant Content Creator

Content is king and if you really want to build an empire on the internet, you have a lot of content that will really attract the eyes of your target market.

The thing is that, there are many information about that everybody can read. The question now is that how can you stand from the crowded place of the internet.

Inside this product is an amazing tool that you can use today that is a huge help for you to get things done quickly and effectively. Check out it inside

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This is the ultimate guest blogger “life-saver” PDF guide that consists of over 1,300 quality websites that accept guest posts.

In addition, we also share our second-best link building strategy (apart from guest blogging) and a step-by-step process we use to get featured in some of the most authoritative tech, marketing and business publications like The Next Web, Sitepoint, Business2Community, The Huffington Post, SEMRush, Lifehack, Crazy Egg and many others.


Skyrocket Your Blogging & Link-Building Efforts With Our Ultimate Guest Blogger Life-Saver PDF Guide:

Guest Blogging Websites, Link-Building Strategies & Step-By-Step Processes 

The Best. The Most Accurate. The Largest.

The massive directory of over 1,300 quality guest blogging websites in 27 different niches with direct links to submission pages, sorted by Domain Authority, Alexa Rank & Difficulty Level.

We’ll share our second best (apart from guest blogging) link-building technique that you can use to build a ton of high-quality links using your existing content in a matter of 10 minutes per day. 

We’ll show you an exact step-by-step process we use to get featured in some of the most authoritative publications like The Next Web, The Huffington Post, SEMRush, Sitepoint, Crazy Egg & B2C.


✓ Digital Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing – 150 Websites
✓ Business, Entrepreneurship and Startups – 100+ Websites
✓ Finance, Accounting and HR – 80+ Websites
✓ Blogging and Writing – 60+ Websites
✓ Technology, Computers and Gadgets – 90+ Websites
✓ WordPress Hacks, Themes and Plugins – 55+ Websites
✓ Web Design, Web Development and Graphics Design – 80+ Websites
✓ Coding, Software Development and Programming – 25+ Websites
✓ News, Politics and Economy – 40+ Websites
✓ Photography, Art and Poetry – 40+ Websites
✓ Entertainment (Gaming, Music and Movies) – 60+ Websites
✓ Beauty and Fashion – 35+ Websites
✓ Health and Fitness – 45+ Websites
✓ Self-Development, Motivation and Productivity – 35 Websites
✓ Traveling – 45+ Websites
✓ Food and Recipes – 40 Websites
✓ Weddings and Parties – 20 Websites
✓ How-To, DIY and Lifehacks – 20+ Websites
✓ Religion and Atheism – 20+ Websites
✓ Home and Gardening – 20+ Websites
✓ Sports – 60 Websites
✓ Fun, Gossip and Celebrities – 30+ Websites
✓ Lifestyle, Parenting and Relationships – 30+ Websites
✓ Science, Environment and Clean Energy – 30 Websites
✓ Education and Learning – 40 Websites
✓ Architecture and Home Design – 25 Websites
✓ Diversified – 30+ Websites


☑ Beautifully designed (60+ pages) PDF guide that you can download, print and read offline
☑ List of over 1,300 quality, unique guest blogging websites in 27 different niches
☑ A guide to guest blogging: Email pitch samples, what to do and what to avoid
☑ Our second-best link building strategy we use to get links in a matter of 10 minutes
☑ A step-by-step process to getting featured in top publications like TNW, B2C & Huff Post
☑ Free guide updates for the next 2 years (updated every 3 months with new sites & metrics)


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[GIVEAWAY] Viral Spy [See your competitors most shared content for free]

Viral Spy [See your competitors most shared content for free]
Spy on your competitors content by finding which pages have been shared the most on social media. Viral Spy will crawl every page on a website and check how many times its been shared on Facebook, Gplus and Twitter.

What is Viral Spy?
Viral Spy is a 100% free desktop application that will crawl your competitors website checking each page to see how many Facebook shares, Google Plus Tweets and LinkedIn shares it has. It it can extract a date from the page it will even calculate the share velocity for you so you can tell which pages were shared the fastest.

How does Viral Spy work?
Simply enter your competitors website and click start, its that simple. All links are extracted as the crawl goes along so you don't have to do anything.

Why should I use Viral Spy?
If you want your content to go viral then you need to know what people want to share in your niche, a great way to do that is to simply look at what your competitors website visitors are sharing on social media.

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