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[GIVEAWAY] Safe DNS [Protect From Malware, Phishing, Annoying Ads, Time Wasters] [1 YAER LICENSE]

[GIVEAWAY] SafeDNS Home Edition [12 MONTHS]

Get SafeDNS for free for a year to safeguard your kids and yourself from everything you dislike about the web – gross stuff, malware, phishing, annoying ads, time wasters.

Use your chance to get SafeDNS for free for a year to safeguard your kids and yourself from everything you dislike about the web – gross stuff, malware, phishing, annoying ads, time wasters. With SafeDNS find everything you need to better protect all your family members from unwanted sites and cyber threats. You decide what devices SafeDNS will be on – your home Wi-Fi router or individual devices to stop worrying where your children surf to and how much time they spend online.

Confident enough to play around with router settings? Teach your OpenWRT-based router new tricks like applying an individual filtering policy for every device on your network, even for devices behind NAT.

With the award-winning SafeDNS web filtering service you can block any inappropriate and dangerous content online before it becomes accessible to your family members. For each of them you can create an individual set of filtering rules. Protect your children against porn and adult content, online gaming and social media sites. Make sure kids do not spend your money buying stuff in app stores. Filter out most internet ads, malicious and phishing sites for all of your dear and near ones.

With the filtering service your family members will only get access to sites from the content categories allowed by you. To adjust the filtering service to your needs just choose what groups of online resources to block or allow among the 57 categories containing over 90M sites. If a site from a blocked category is requested from a SafeDNS protected device a block page will appear instead of the unwanted content.

To start using SafeDNS take 3 steps:

☑ register on the company’s site
☑ define your own filtering rules in your personal service dashboard
☑ set the service on chosen devices by changing their network settings.

To make installing SafeDNS on Windows-based computers very easy the company provides an agent program. Download and launch it on a computer to automatically install SafeDNS on your device. Agent is indispensable for users with dynamic IPs or those behind NAT. There’s a link in the dashboard to download SafeDNS Agent.

To configure SafeDNS on devices with other OSes check detailed instructions the company provides on its site.

Use SafeDNS to:

☑ Make the internet cleaner and safer for your extended family by protecting up to 3 home networks per single account.
☑ Get the filtering service where you need it by protecting any number of family’s individual devices or the entire home network.
☑ Filter any web-connected device, its OS and IP notwithstanding.
☑ Protect Windows-based computers outside secured networks with SafeDNS Agent.
☑ Protect computers with dynamic IPs or those behind NAT with Agent.
☑ Manage the filtering service 24/7 from anywhere on the internet via your personal online dashboard.
☑ Block servers controlling botnets, get alerts of requests from protected devices to such servers.
☑ Prevent bypassing SafeDNS by blocking proxies and anonymizers.
☑ Load web pages faster and safeguard kids from inappropriate advertising images by blocking most online ads of any kind – context, banner, audio, and video ads.
☑ Improve online security for your entire family by blocking phishing and malware.
☑ Create your own block page making it personal and child-friendly
☑ Filter the internet differently for adults, little kids and teenagers by creating up to 3 filtering policies with different filtering rules.
☑ Fine tune the filtering to your individual needs by blocking or allowing any of the 57 content categories.
☑ Apply different filtering settings for each family member even on the same computer (with Agent) during predetermined time periods.
☑ Introduce exceptions to any set of filtering rules with separate white and black lists per each filtering policy.
☑ Limit web use to whitelisted sites only by enabling a whitelist-only mode.
☑ Limit time kids spend online by creating an advanced filtering schedule for each day of the week.
☑ Enable a concealed block page mode.
☑ Make sure children do not find anything inappropriate searching for information on the web by enabling SafeSearch for Google and Bing.
☑ Make sure kids see less gross stuff on YouTube by enabling Restricted Mode for this video hosting site.
☑ Get 1 year worth detailed reports and stats per filtering policy on sites visited from SafeDNS protected devices.

The top quality of the SafeDNS web filtering service is acknowledged by world leading test labs and experts. For 2 years straight the service is named Approved Parental Control Product by AV-Comparatives. Last year SafeDNS became Editor’s Choice for Content Management & Filtering Solutions in 2016 Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec Awards. In January PC Magazine included SafeDNS into a list of the best parental control software for 2017.

[GIVEAWAY] SafeDNS Home Edition [12 MONTHS]

Free subscription SafeDNS: 
12 months' free use of SafeDNS service on [email protected] plan

* In the space marked "Promotional code" enter the giveaway promocode "". 
* Enter your email which will be your login. 
* Enter a password you find appropriate. 
* Confirm the entered password. 
* Click "Register" button.

SafeDNS service can be installed on any web-connected device including a home router. The SafeDNS agent software is created for Windows PCs only.

This giveaway is available for new users only. Any existing users will have to register on our site again using a different login/email!

This promocode will be valid through July 28, 2017


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