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Visitor Maker - Traffic Generator Software - Alexa ranking boot

Generate unique visits for your website, with this nifty application that accesses a selected web page through various proxies and performs certain actions automatically

This intelligent software will automatically send UNLIMITED amount of visitors to your website for free. The VisitorMaker allow you drive your visitors come from ANY COUNTRY, ANY DEVICE, ANY BROWSER, ANY REFERRAL, SEARCH ENGINE. But there a thing you should know, the software using Proxy Servers and open your website on your pc, so it is FAKE visitors.

Visitor Maker is a useful application designed to help website owners boost traffic. It generates unique visits by accessing your web page multiple times via a series of proxies and performing certain actions.

The program is very easy to use, and it features a simple, intuitive interface, but it cannot scape proxies, which means that an additional application is required to collect them.


Send unique visitors to your websites and boost traffic

Visitor Maker relies on a list of available proxies, which are used to route your connection through multiple servers from around the world and simulate unique website visits.

Of course, a rather large number of proxy addresses needs to be provided if you wish to boost traffic considerably, but they need to be obtained from another source or with the help of a specialized application.

Create multiple action lists and use them for various websites

When Visitor Maker connects to a web page using the embedded browser, it performs a sequence of actions defined by the user. These can include visiting an inner page and clicking on a random or specific link.

This list can be saved locally, and you can set up multiple presets for specific websites.

Intuitive application that features a streamlined interface

Visitor Maker is very novice-friendly, so even users who have limited experience with such programs should not run into any issues. The advanced settings are, of course, more complex, but handy tooltips are provided to help you figure things out.

As far as the user interface is concerned, we found it to have a fairly straightforward layout, although it would have helped if it was possible to send the application to the system tray.

Overall, Visitor Maker is a great utility for those who wish to boost traffic to their website. It is capable of generating unique visits by accessing one or more web pages via multiple proxies, and it allows you to specify which actions should be performed.

- You can use this tool for scrape proxies: GatherProxy
- The software can not open multiple instances.
- The software working by open your website via embed browser with your proxy. So, you should use 10 - 20 threads.



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