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Have the photographic memory of a pro

Professional poker players remember every significant hand played by their opponents. Poker-Spy™ gives you the same skill, just as if you were born with it.

Poker-Spy is a full featured poker tool and the Leader in Real Time Player Profiling. Our Patent Pending Alert System and Game Tracker constantly watches your game and alerts you on how your opponents play. It will even show hands your opponents muck at the showdown!

Our user interface is designed so you are no more than a click away from the information you need so you can remain focused on making the correct poker decisions.

Poker-Spy also includes a sophisticated integrated Odds Calculator that supports play at multiple tables.

Here is a sample of Poker-Spy's powerful features:

Game Tracker monitors all the action at your table

☑ Attaches automatically to the poker table
☑ Recently played hands
☑ Opponents mucked cards
☑ Hands you showed your opponents
☑ New! Harrington's M Value (tell me more)
☑ Player information and statistic
☑ Player Alerts (Patent Pending)
☑ Table Aggression Indicator (Patent Pending)
☑ Table Conditions

Game Tracker also gives you one click access information

☑ Review of recently played hands
☑ Alert Window
☑ Player Analysis Report
☑ Hand Review Report
☑ Player Graphs
☑ Player Statistics

Odds Calculator Key features

☑ Automatically reads hole cards
☑ Number of outs to complete each possible hand
☑ Pot odds (PokerStars only)
☑ Odds of winning or splitting
☑ Odds and percentages of completing poker hands
☑ Odds of your best opponent holdings
☑ Pocket Rank
☑ Pocket Group
☑ Color coded for easy reference
☑ Supports multiple simultaneous tables


Real Time Alerts (Patent Pending) notify you of opponent behavior so you can immediately determine how your opponents are playing. The Alerts Review Window shows you, in detail, what happened and with what cards.

☑ Questionable Hand Selections
-Algorithm factors number of opponents, whether the hand was played first-in, multi-way or in a pre-flop raise situation

☑ Aggressive Plays
-Player raised with unconventional hand. Algorithm factors if raise was first in or a steal blind situation (see below)
-Hands re-raised and call-raised

☑ Passive Plays
-Player did not raise a hand normally raised in that situation
-Calling and cold calling two or more bets

☑ Plays involving the Blinds
-Player attempted to steal blinds with unconventional holdings
-Player defended blind with unconventional holdings
-Player called a raise with unconventional holdings
-Player completed the small blind with unconventional holdings

☑ Post flop behaviors and observations
-POSSIBLE BLUFFS your opponents may be making on the river by betting
-POSSIBLE BLUFFS your opponents may be making on the river by raising
-Loose calls on the river opponents are making with weak holdings
-Incorrect value bets and raises opponents are making on the river

 Analysis Report

-Categorizes pre-flop play in over 15 categories
-Identifies predictable patterns in opponents
-Check raise report. Identifies predictable check raise behaviors
-Highlights hand selection errors

☑ Hand Summary Report
Identifies losing hands
Identifies hands performing below expectation
Identifies winning and losing players

☑ Player Report
-Detailed statistics on all players
-Compares how you are performing relative to opponents

☑ Additional Features
-Easy to navigate; works just like a web browser
-Print, copy, send to Excel or email to friends

☑ Hand Review Window let's you review any hand you have on record
-Play by Play of previously played hands
-Hand Analysis
-Opponent's mucked hands

☑ The Hand Review Window also gives you one click access to key information
-Player Analysis Report


☑ Graphs Key features
-Graphs are available for all players
-Colors highlight current session versus historical performance
-Six zoom levels to view information detail
-View player graphs in same window to save screen space
-View player graphs in separate windows for side by side comparisons

LICENSE: 9000-2344-7888-0122

LICENSE: 966Z-8C0E-744H-6K8M

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