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SpinFaster Software
You can have the software for free with my compliments for your own use  But wouldn't be great if you had your own custom software that you could giveaway to build our list?  You could give it to people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your friends and contacts in fact anybody you can contact online.

Well, I'm giving you the chance to do that with SpinFaster Software.  There are two great options:

1.  Resell Rights To Spinfaster Software

Have the Resell Rights to the product exactly as it is. Yes - you can use it in your business to build a list or create credibility or in whatever way you choose. You can even sell it, if you wish. Or you could use it as a bonus to another product or as an upsell.  You get the rights - you get to choose how to use it.*

I am offering it for a brilliant low, one off cost of only $27.  That price is an introductory offer and it will not last forever.

But wait, there is another option you may just love:

2. Resell Rights To SpinFaster Software PLUS Your Website and Message Added To The Software

Yes, I'll add your message and a link to the website of your choice.  This will act as a continual advert to the users of your software.

Can you see the power of that?  People will see your message and be tempted to click the link to your website, blog or salespage at any time in the future.  How good is that?  I will customize the software just for you for only $47 - and that includes the Master Resell Rights.  This will take me some time to do so it is really great offer and I will withdraw it if I get too busy - I cannot guarantee that I will always have enough time to be able to make this offer.

Terms: Only works on Windows sytems. * Resell Rights do not include the right to pass on resell rights to your buyers. All sales are final and there are no refunds because the software works and you have seen what it does and you know exactly what you are getting. You accept that we do not have any liability in regards of this product. 

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