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[GIVEAWAY] WP4FB 3.0 [The #1 WordPress Facebook plugin to create Viral Apps]

WP4FB 3.0 [The #1 WordPress Facebook plugin to create Viral Apps]
"WP4FB is one of the most popular Facebook Plugins in the world"

WP4FB 3.0. is the highly anticipated follow up to the original WP4FB, which has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

WP4FB was one of the very first WordPress Facebook solutions ever created for building your own custom tabs, and it garnered rave reviews and tremendous media attention from the industry’s biggest names.

WP4FB 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the original. It’s based on customer feedback, and optimized to take full advantage of Facebook’s Timeline feature. In fact, every single aspect of the plugin was created with Facebook’s Timeline in mind.

Most importantly, WP4FB 3.0 has been dramatically juiced-up to give your brand the power to go viral almost instantly.

Create Highly Professional, Extremely Viral, Custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs.
We've made the absolute best WordPress Facebook plugin... period!

Powerful Features + An Easy-to-Use Interface Gives You Unlimited Power
Create an unlimited number of Facebook Fan Page Tabs, and place them directly into your Timeline Fan Page...

Take Your Fan Page Viral With Just a Few Clicks
Loaded with awesome features like a sweepstakes, viral messages, auto wall posters, a responsive email list builder, and much more!

WP4FB 3.0 Features:

✓ The ability to create custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs directly in your Timeline. We make it easy to create a sales funnel through which you can send your clients.
✓ A brand new drag and drop interface that let’s you quickly and simply create a Fortune 500 level Facebook Fan Page. It’s as easy to use as blogging – no coding or graphic skills are required.
✓ Premium templates that let you get your Fan Page up and running instantly. These templates can also easily be customized, making your page even more unique.
✓ Powerful new viral tools that let you run sweepstakes, capture user email addresses, and auto-post on walls.
✓ Rich elements like a stunning image slider and embedded videos, giving your page a razor-sharp edge over the competition.
✓ Over 20 easy to use short codes that make adding features like “Facebook Share Buttons” and “Call to Action Buttons” instantly implementable.
✓ Full customization. WP4FB 3.0 was designed to allow users to come up with their own applications. The result: The total freedom to use WP4FB 3.0 the way you think is best.
✓ Can be used in conjunction with other WordPress plugins on the market, giving you ultimate power to mix and match as you see fit.
✓ Management of unlimited fan pages from one easy location. Simply create multiple apps inside our interface, and add them to each page.
✓ Facebook contests directly on your timeline not only for desktop users to see but also for mobile users to be able to view and join your Facebook contests

WP4FB 3.0 [The #1 WordPress Facebook plugin to create Viral Apps]


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